First Ever PUBG Mobile Tournament Announced Featuring Popular Streamers

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will host it’s first PUBG mobile tournament called ‘Player Well Known’, featuring 16 popular (or ‘well known’) streamers.

PUBG’s PC version has become a burgeoning esport title with major tournaments and events around the world, but it’s mobile version is also immensely popular, so it looks the studio behind it want to push mobile esports too.

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The event will take place August 17-18 at 8pm PT / 11pm ET / 5am BST and will be live streamed on PUBG’s official YouTube, Twitch and Facebook channels.

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The 16 high-profile streamers will team up with friends and fans, forming a squad with three other players. To participate, the streamers must have a following of at least 1,000 across various platforms.

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Streaming live Aug. 17-18 at 8 p.m. PDT across YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, 16 high-profile streamers and content creators will squad up with friends and fans in PUBG MOBILE to compete in a two-day tournament in the hopes of feasting on a coveted chicken dinner.

The PWK Championship is made up of the Qualifiers, Preliminaries, Regional Finals and World Finals. To participate, a player must have more than 1,000 fans or followers across specified streaming platforms but can form a squad of up to three other players with no requirements. A team of officials will select teams from all regions based on a point system to participate in the World Finals to compete for the PWK Championship.

In addition to certain prizes, winners will become part of the official PUBG MOBILE squad and have access to promotional resources for streaming. Additional details on the PUBG MOBILE PWK Championship will be shared at a later date.

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Full details for the PWK event can be found on the official website.

PUBG Mobile is been praised for its impressive gameplay quality and mechanics when compared to other battle royale games on mobile.

With main competitor Fortnite also being available on iOS and Android, if PUBG Mobile can work successfully as an esport title, Fortnite may also follow suit.

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It is unlikely to ever take off as well as the PC equivalents, but in terms of the player base, PUBG certainly has a big audience for its mobile aspirations.

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