Police reportedly investigating YouTuber for burning friend’s massive Pokemon card collection

Jessica Filby
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A wannabe YouTube prankster is reportedly being investigated by the police for burning his friend’s valuable Pokemon card collection.

One man took to the subReddit TIFU to give details of the betrayal he experienced when a friend burned over $8000 worth of his Pokemon Cards. This was done for a YouTube prank rather than any hatred and could have cost much more had the cards been valued.

After the post blew up and was met with a considerable amount of shock and anger, the Redditor says they’ve now gone to the authorities and are intending to press charges for the cards’ value and emotional damage.

Pokemon cards
His friend burned a collection that was years in the making for a YouTube prank.

The story began with the passing of the poster’s grandpa. He ended up finding a Pokemon card of Furfrou and remembered that his “Grandpa always had a white beard and it reminded me of him.” This began a lifetime of collecting Pokemon cards and a hobby that landed him with around 15,000 cards and a spending value of around $8000.

However, after years of collecting them, he explained in the Reddit post that a friend and wannabe YouTube prankster came round to his house and stole all of his collection. They then filmed themselves burning the entire collection and put it online for the poster and the world to see.

“I’m completely broken,” he wrote. “Those Pokémon cards were a second part to me. I sent him a huge message and he replied that it was a prank and to relax.”

The poster went on to explain how depressed he is that he lost the original Furfrou as well as the $8000 he lost, let alone the amount they could have been worth had they been valued.

After the post blew up and commenters shared their determination to get the poster to press charges, he ended up going to the authorities and is “likely gonna press charges still and aim for court”.

In a separate (now deleted) Reddit thread, he explained that he has reported the crime and the police are now opening an investigation.