Wild Pokemon Go glitch actually turns Holiday Hat Raichu into the Flash

Pokemon Go RaichuNiantic

Pokemon Go fans are sharing amusement over one of many glitches that distort the models of different characters. This time, a Holiday Hat Raichu is the center of attention, as its hat speeds off the display.

Pokemon Go has been called out regularly throughout 2022 for a slew of glitches, failed events, bugs, and errors that have affected players all around the world. Some of these issues, like events not starting at the right time, are frustrating but not game-breaking. However, issues like the Zorua debut – which saw the new Pokemon locked down for weeks following major glitches – can be more problematic.

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Players have also seen a variety of hilarious visual glitches in Pokemon Go. These range from the textures of one Pokemon popping up on the models of another, to the new Team Leader designs distorting until each beloved character looked like nightmare Gumby.

While patches can fix the majority of these issues, many fans wonder how they are allowed to happen in the first place. This question has come up again as one fan shares a distorted version of Holiday Hat Raichu that makes it look like The Flash.

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Pokemon Go’s Holiday Hat Raichu glitches out

In a Twitter post by LadyDi1002, the Pokemon Go player shares a picture of a Lucky Holiday Hat Raichu. However, it isn’t the Lucky status or shiny gold backdrop that is catching the trainer’s attention. Instead, Raichu’s glitchy Holiday Hat is the focal point of the image.

The player calls Niantic out for “Flippy Animation” and the “crazy” appearance of the glitch, which has left the holiday hat on Raichu’s head smeared across the Pokemon’s summary display. One player comments “Zooooommmmmmmm” while another adds a video clip of The Flash running at the viewer.

While these types of glitches aren’t at all uncommon, and some can be funny, it also is a frustrating problem for fans of Pokemon Go. Most fans have to pay to fully enjoy the mobile game, and many are long-term Pokemon fans who enjoy a working, polished experience in their games.

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Hopefully, Raichu’s appearance will revert after a reboot of the app, or a potential patch will apply a fix to keep the Electric-type from distorting. In the mean time, Holiday Hat Raichu may have to settle for cosplaying The Flash instead of sporting festive accessories.

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