Terrifying Pokemon Go glitch turns Ursaring into a monstrosity

Pokemon Go Ursaring GlitchNiantic

Pokemon Go fans had the chance to jump in on Four-star Ursaring Raid Battles following the Teddiursa Community Day on November 13, and one player encountered a glitch that makes the bear a terrifying monster.

Pokemon Go players had the opportunity to catch bundles of bears in the November Teddiursa Community Day event. Many fans were able to stockpile Shiny Teddiursa in large quantities, or evolve their Ursaring into Ursaluna with the move “High Horsepower”.

In addition to the three-hour Community Day adventures, players were also able to battle Four-star Ursaring Raids after the Community Day concluded for the chance to spawn additional Teddiursa. For many, these raids are the perfect chance to score good stats or finish up the Community Day Special Research Tickets.

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However, one Pokemon Go fan has encountered a startling glitch while battling Ursaring Raids, and the bizarre accident turns the bear into a frightening demon in neon colors.

Pokemon Go glitches mash up Pokemon colors

In a Twitter post by Edinburger666, the Pokemon Go player shared an image of a Four-star Raid Battle following the Teddiursa Community Day. However, instead of an Ursaring waiting at the top of the Gym, the player’s image showed a terrifying hybrid bear in bright green and yellow.

Ursaring no longer had eyes, or any of its standard brown and white coloration. It didn’t match the Pokemon’s green Shiny form either. Pokemon Go fans in the comments were just as alarmed – either impressed by the glitch or terrified by the monstrosity Ursaring had become.

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One player commented, “Is that a mutant of Ursaring and Ursaluna? A lunaring??” while another added, “WHOMST HAS AWAKENED THE ANCIENT ONE”. One player threw out references to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, stating “PAST PARADOX URSARING”.

The strange glitch is definitely one that gave Ursaring a new edge, but because it is a bug, the bear’s normal coloration likely appeared in battle and the post-Raid catch screen. Despite this, the Pokemon Go mix-up showed the potential Ursaring has for another form in future games.