Which Pokemon you should use your Elite TMs on in Pokemon Go

Paul Cot

Elite TMs are super rare in Pokemon Go and as such, you should use them with caution. We discuss which Pokemon and moves you should consider using the coveted Elite Fast TM on and Elite Charged TM on.

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Firstly though, let’s recap exactly what these Elite TMs are. They work in exactly the same way Fast TMs and Charged TMs do, but they allow you to access a pool of more powerful moves. That, and they are much rarer.

Another difference between the two is the Elite TMs allow you to specifically choose what move you want. Conversely, the traditional TMs randomly assign a compatible move.

When we say rare, we don’t mean around 10 either. Most trainers will only have access to one or two of each, so deciding where to use them is a very important decision.

There are are a lot of them too, so it is understandable that a lot of trainers struggle to know which are best.

In truth, there are a lot of good options but some are a complete waste. For example, Charizard’s Ember is one you’ll want to avoid.

Best moves and Pokemon to use Elite TMs on

Let’s narrow down those appealing options though, and list what we consider to be the very best choices for those scarce Fast and Charged Elite TMs. Any of these moves will certainly improve the Pokemon you give it to when it comes to the Pokemon Go meta.

Mewtwo Shadow Ball
Mewtwo with Psystrike and Shadow Ball is deadly…

Psystrike and Shadow Ball

We all know Mewtwo’s credentials – it is one of the best attackers in all of Pokemon Go. It also has three Elite Charged Moves – Hyper Beam, Psystrike, and Shadow Ball.

While powerful, Hyper Beam is absolutely one move you should not waste an Elite TM on. However, Psystrike is. Whether you’re playing PvE or PvP, your Mewtwo needs a powerful psychic-type Charge Move.

If you’re willing to spend the monstrous 100 Candy and 100,000 Stardust to unlock a second Charge Move, then Shadow Ball is an excellent compliment. Hopefully, you have a Mewtwo with one of these moves already though, as using two Elite Charged TMs would hurt.

Normal Mewtwo and Shadow Mewtwo are better in the Pokemon Go PvE format, while Armored Mewtwo fares better in GO Battle League.

Meteor Mash

Metagross is an underrated Pokemon in the mobile game. It’s ideal dual typing, great stats and powerful moves make it a frustrating Pokemon to encounter.

Psychic is a great move and is a must-have with Metagross. Again, if you’re willing to spend the Stardust (75,000 this time) then you can unlock the Elite Move, Meteor Mash.

This is a steel-type move with an impressive DPE of 2. The Iron Leg Pokemon will remain ineffective against fellow steel-types but, on the flip side, it also has resistance against attacks of that type itself.

Hydro Cannon
Various starter water Pokemon, including Blastoise and Swampert, can learn Hydro Cannon…

Hydro Cannon

The Mud Fish Pokemon is a common sighting in GO Battle League and there’s a reason for that – it’s highly effective. That’s only if it has what is universally considered the best water move in the game, Hydro Cannon, though.

Unless you got one in the Mudkip Community Day, you’ll need to use an Elite Charged TM to get this move. If you intend on using Swampert in PvP regularly, it is certainly worth it.

It requires just 40 energy while dealing 80 damage. When you combine this with Mud Shot, which generates 4.5 EPT, then it becomes clear why Swampert is used so frequently.

Hydro Cannon can also be given to Blastoise, Feraligatr, and Empoleon. It is very useful for these Pokemon to have it and even more essential for competitive purposes, but that combination of Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon is hard to top.

Rock Wrecker

Rock Wrecker has the best damage per energy of any rock-type move in all of Pokemon Go. This is hardly surprising considering its DPE is 2.2.

The only Pokemon compatible with this relatively new move is Rhyperior. While an impressive move, you may not need to use an Elite TM to get it after all.

This is because Rhyhorn will likely feature in the end of year bumper Community Day, where Rock Wrecker will once again be available. It’s a move well worth having but be patient, waiting a couple of months is worth saving the Elite TM!

Wing Attack

Charizard lives up to the hype in Pokemon Go. Wing Attack isn’t overly special on paper. It has 2.5 DPT and 3.5 EPT. In comparison, Air Slash, another flying-type Fast Move for Charizard has 3 DPT and 3 EPT.

In PvP though, energy generation is vital. While sacrificing that 0.5 DPT isn’t ideal, the extra 0.5 EPT can make the difference in those close battles.

When you combine it with the deadly combination of Dragon Claw and Overheat, the extra generated Charge Moves can result in an overall big increase in damage output.

Thunder Shock

Thunder Shock has the second-best energy generation in Pokemon Go. That is why it’s behind the wall of an Elite TM for a Pokemon as powerful as Zapdos.

Generally, Elite Charged moves seem to have a greater effect than Elite Fast moves – but they are separate so it’s good to have options for both. Due to its stat distribution, Zapdos is more of an attacker than a defender, so it’s better suited to Raids as an electric-type option.

Combine it with Thunderbolt and Drill Peck (if you want a second move) to maximize the Kanto legend.

New moves are sometimes added to Pokemon Go, and on other occasions, existing moves are altered, so try and keep up with the meta to see if a new opportunity arises to use an Elite TM.