Pokemon Go’s new tag system will put an end to ridiculous nicknames

Paul Cot

We’ve all been there – giving a particular Pokemon a ridiculously complicated nickname just so you can identify them later. However, a recent datamine claims Niantic are going to fix this issue in Pokemon Go and soon.

Whether it’s including a mon’s IVs or abbreviating its moveset, your Pokemon’s names would look like random numbers and letters to a lot of trainers. It’s annoying because you don’t really want to have to name your best Mewtwo, CFPS151515.

For those of you who don’t have enough Pokemon to warrant these nicknames, sorting through them can still be a problem. This can be alleviated using the long list of search terms Pokemon Go offers, which a lot of trainers don’t actually know about.

Nevertheless, a new tagging system will give trainers yet another way to differentiate between Pokemon.

Tagging system to work like Pokemon boxes

The information comes courtesy of the renowned Pokeminers, who are always sharing changes in the Pokemon Go code. ” This is exciting and sounds like Niantic’s take on boxes or even to help the integration with Home as Home does have tags in the mobile app,” the Pokeminers posted.

While they aren’t called boxes specifically, being able to add tags would provide the same effect. So, for example, you could have two tags to begin with – rare and battle.

What’s more is each tag needs to have a color too, making it even clearer. Additionally, much like when you mass transfer, you can select several Pokemon at a time and assign them the same tag.

It’s a relatively small change in the grand scheme of Pokemon Go but certainly a welcome one. After all, sorting has always been a headache in the mobile game.

Thankfully, it looks like finding a particular Pokemon is about to get a lot easier.