Pokemon Go: What are Elite TMs and where to get them?

Published: 28/Apr/2020 11:25

by Paul Cot


Elite TMs finally allow you to take full control over what moves your Pokemon learn in Pokemon Go.

Unlike traditional Technical Machines (more commonly known as TMs), you can actually select which move you want your Pokemon to learn with Elite TMs. That means no more hoping for the Pokemon gods (Arceus?) to give you the right move.

That’s not all though, as Elite TMs will open up the move pool to not only Community Day exclusive moves but Legacy Moves. This is a game changer for GO Battle League players, although might disgruntle some owners of those rare moves.

Psystrike Mewtwo Elite TM
Teaching Mewtwo Psystrike will be among the popular exclusive moves trainers want to teach their Pokemon…

Pick your Pokemon moves

The ability to select what moves you can learn takes a page out of the mainline Pokemon game’s handbook. Until Pokemon Go, it would have been unthinkable for a lot of trainers to not be able to pick which move a Pokemon can learn.

Not only will it potentially save wasting several Fast TMs and Charged TMs, but it will make PvP battling a lot more even. Mewtwo with Psystrike and Swampert with Hydro Cannon are just two examples of exclusive Charge Moves that give a huge, often unassailable advantage.

As a result we can expect to see more GO Battle League matches featuring Pokemon with these exclusive moves. After all, there’s a reason they have been so rare until now, and that’s because they’re very powerful!

How to earn Elite TMs

Much like traditional TMs in Pokemon Go, there are two forms of Elite TMs – Elite Charged TM and Elite Fast TM. As their names give away, they differentiate between Charge and Fast Moves.

The best way to get an Elite TM is by reaching Rank 7 in GO Battle League. A lot of trainers have since reached Rank 7 and many are already there but have yet to receive one. This is because it is an end of season reward and therefore won’t be given out until May 1.

You might be thinking this means Elite TMs are going to be hard to come by. Well, you’re right, they are supposed to be rare and valuable, which makes sense given the moves they bring to the table.

These super rare TMs can also be sometimes found in the Pokemon Go Shop boxes. Most recently it was available within the Abra Community Day special box. These won’t often be seen however, and may cost real money. Elite TMs cannot be purchased as individual items either – at least not now.

Elite TMs will certainly shake up the PvP scene in Pokemon Go. Just make sure when you’re using one you do so astutely because it might be a while before you get your hands on another.


Pokemon trainer gets Lv100 Shiny Blastoise in surprise trade, but there’s a catch

Published: 19/Jan/2021 12:03

by David Purcell


Shiny Pokemon appearing in surprise trades are moments some players will never forget, and for this trainer on Pokemon Sword and Shield, a reaction of jubilation was only natural after receiving a Blastoise. However, the story wasn’t all rosy. 

As regular players will know by now, Shinies are not just spawning all over the place in the Galar Region – nor are they in any other part of the fictional world. In fact, it takes serious persistence to get ahold of one legitimately, and there are a few tactics you can utilize to get better at finding them.

If you’re a seriously lucky person, though, trading can be a great way to grab one as well. Some really generous members of the community have been known to send Shiny Pokemon through this method, leaving the other trainer delighted.

Now, the reaction was of delight and excitement this time, but there was an ugly underbelly to what appeared to be a great moment.

gigantamax blastoise
Pokemon Company
Gigantamax Blastoise, and its Shiny variant, can be found in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield surprise trade

As seen below, Reddit user Vegaworldpeace was extremely grateful for the gift. A Shiny Blastoise is a difficult Pokemon to get in normal circumstances, so to have one handed to you is a big deal.

They said: “Someone sent me a LV 100 shiny Blastosie in a surprise trade!”

That being said, quite quickly a number of other users in the subreddit realized this one might be too good to be true.

Some one sent me a LV 100 shiny Blastosie in a surprise trade from PokemonSwordAndShield


“Definitely hacked man. Sorry to say,” one posted, which led to a group of players hinting at the same possibility. After checking the Pokemon IVs and the trainer ID for the Pokemon, it was certain that the mon was definitely hacked – which led, they say, to the player releasing it into the wild.

“It looks like the original trainer was a shorten URL. I try to mess with no hacks so I’ll release it. Thanks for the info everyone, definitely wasn’t try to break any rules within this community.”

A few people had suspected that the post was advertising hacked Pokemon, which is something that’s been seen before in the subreddit. However, it appears to have been a genuine mistake.

How do you know if your Pokemon is hacked?

Screenshot of Shiny Charizard in Pokemon Sword & Shield.
Shiny Pokemon are not always what they seem.

There are a few indicators that your Pokemon may be hacked. It’s always handy to check after trading as well, especially if you want your team to be squeaky clean.

First of all, you can check the IVs of the Pokemon. If they are all perfect, chances are that your latest recruit has been hacked, but that’s not the only indicator. The Trainer ID connected to the Pokemon may also be blank, named after a website selling hacks, or a shortened URL.

These are the main flags to suggest it actually originated through hacks, not caught in a traditional way.

As always, we would encourage players to stay away from hacked Pokemon at all costs. If you ever have a problem, or suspicion, that one of yours may be hacked – tweet us @PokemonSwordNS at any time and we’ll check it out!