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What is the best Pokemon? Community crowns their winner

Published: 19/Nov/2020 18:51 Updated: 19/Nov/2020 18:52

by Paul Cot


The question of who is the best Pokemon is a debate that will likely never end, so we decided to find out the answer once and for all (sort of).

Composing a question to find out, fairly, who the best Pokemon is, is a challenge in and of itself. If we gave every trainer one vote, out of all species, then Pikachu would likely perform way better than realistic given the character’s media popularity.

On the other hand, if we limited it to just a handful of ‘mons then one could easily be missed out. So, we needed to do something to combine the two.

First off, we asked our nearly 300,000 followers on the Dexerto Pokemon Twitter page which Pokemon they believed is the very best. Naturally this generated a lot of responses with lots of different species of Pokemon.

We had a rough idea as to what species would be the most popular but a couple surprised us. Gengar was one that appeared as much as any other when scrolling through. Equally, the lack of Pikachu and Eevee responses was also fascinating.

Best Pokemon poll

Now, since we had a lot of replies to work with, we took the four most-frequently quoted Pokemon and put them into a separate poll. Those Pokemon were Bulbasaur, Charizard, Gengar, and Riolu.

These options aren’t perfect and many will argue that the likes of Squirtle, Mewtwo, and Lugia should be included. Unfortunately we were limited to four and the ones included were dictated by the community’s responses.

The results of the poll, which had 2,439 votes, were as follows:

  • Charizard – 39.8%
  • Gengar – 24.5%
  • Riolu – 21%
  • Bulbasaur – 14.8%

Yes that means, to the dismay of many, Charizard is the best Pokemon โ€” at least according to our poll. The Pokemon Company have often been mocked for their apparent Charizard obsession, but given these results we can understand why.

Meanwhile, Gengar ousted Riolu for 2nd place, proving that the most infamous ghost-type Pokemon is underrated within the franchise. Bulbasaur picked up a respectable 15% of the vote, showing the first ‘mon in the Pokedex is worthy of such a place.

In truth there are various ways to find out which the best Pokemon is and each of them could very well have different results. For example, Charizard may have won here but it could also feature highly on a least favorite poll due to its polarizing nature. For now though, like it or not, Charizard is on top.


“God” Pokemon card packs with guaranteed rares reportedly coming soon

Published: 19/Nov/2020 21:22

by Brent Koepp


According to a new report, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is set to get “God” booster packs that are guaranteed to contain only rares inside. The epic collectible is allegedly a part of the upcoming Shiny Star V expansion.

Ever since its 1999 release, players around the world have torn open Pokemon TCG packs hoping it contains a rare collectible inside. If one is lucky enough, they might even score a gorgeous holographic.

But what if fans could buy a booster pack where every card inside was guaranteed to be amazing? Well according to reports, collectors may get a chance to experience that in an upcoming expansion.

Pokemon TCG expansion Shiny Star V booster box.
PokeGuardian / The Pokemon Company
The upcoming Shiny Star V expansion is rumored to have a “God” booster pack.

Pokemon TCG to repotedly get “God” packs

“God packs” as a concept originated in Magic the Gathering. These rare booster packs get their name for containing only rare cards inside the wrapping. In fact, the Pokemon TCG has actually had them once before with the 2019 Japanese Tag All Stars set.

According to PokeGuardian, there are reports that the upcoming Shiny Star V set will see the return of the epic items. Although unlike before, the chances of finding such an epic pack is a 1 in 600 chance, compared to the previous 1 in 250.

“It appears that ‘God’ packs makes a return in S4a Shiny Star V. Similar to last year’s SM12a Tag All Stars: A pack that only consists of SR or better cards. Been told 1/600 chance,” the site tweeted, before adding that they are still investigating the claim as its not been officially confirmed.

However on November 18, more fuel was added to the fire when a Japanese user tweeted out a photo which appears to show the rumored “God pack” out in the wild. The picture shows 10 rare and super rare cards laid out across a table.

Even if it is real, it’s also not entirely clear if the special booster pack would eventually make its way to North America. Currently, the Shiny Star V set has been announced for Japan, and often expansions end up being changed by the time they release worldwide.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt until there is an announcement. Still, the fact that there could exist a chance to find such an incredible item will be sure to have collectors excited and on the hunt. After all, finding one would be a childhood dream come true โ€“ literally.