Veteran Pokemon trainer celebrates first shiny encounter ever, believing they were fake

Pokemon shinyThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon trainer discovered their first shiny Pokemon after fourteen years of consistently playing the game throughout its many generations.

Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare variants of normal Pokemon. The recent games are more generous with shiny rates, allowing players to manipulate the rate with items.

In the older generations, shiny rates were excessively low, to the point of being things of legend. Many players heard of rumors of their existence, but most never encountered them.

After a long 14 years, one trainer finally ran into their very first shiny. And it was a shiny of one of the strongest Pokemon in the franchise’s history.

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Pokemon player shows off their first Shiny

On October 10, mikeymanthesyrem shared on Reddit their first-ever shiny Pokemon catch: shiny Rayquaza.

Catching a Shiny Rayquaza for the first ever shiny is moment worth celebrating. It’s not only the most powerful Pokemon from generation III, and but it’s also the flag ship for Emerald version – which earned the title of one of the best Pokemon games for the GameBoy Advance.

The catch occurred on the trainer’s Emerald Version, and played on their grey GameBoy SP.

“I honestly thought shiny Pokemon were fake,” they stated in the Reddit post.

Despite having played an ample amount throughout various generations, the Pokemon Trainer never ran into shiny Pokemon until they were blessed with a glorious shiny Rayquaza.

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“That’s amazing!” stated another Redditor.

“This is awesome but you thought wild shiny encounters were fake?” a Redditor asked the original poster.

“14 years and not a single one man. I just assumed mfs were lying,” they replied.

Luckily, mikeymanthesyrem will be able to rest easily now that he has caught a shiny Pokemon.