Trainer handed second chance after shiny Pokemon trade disaster

Published: 21/Jan/2020 11:50

by David Purcell


Trading Pokemon in Sword & Shield can be a seriously useful tool for upgrading your team, but one player couldn’t help think another trainer had made a devastating mistake after receiving a shiny Scorbunny. Now, they’re looking to give it back. 

The feature allows fans to connect online and exchange Pokemon, some of which can even evolve by taking part in the process such as Haunter, meaning that there can be many mutual – as well as personal – benefits to swapping species from one game to another.

However, one trainer was potentially left absolutely devastated after trading away one of the Galar Region’s rarest types of Pokemon, a shiny Scorbunny, during an online trade.

Pokemon / Nintendo
Pokemon / Nintendo
You can trade Pokemon between both Sword and Shield.

While many might have exited the trade, delighted by their new addition, a user has taken to Reddit to explain what happened, in search of the player that was shortchanged in the process. If they are found, they have said the Pokemon will be returned to its rightful owner.

For those who don’t know, shiny Pokemon are the rarest type found in the video games, some of which can take hours and hours to obtain by using different methods – such as chaining – which is essentially finding and knocking out the same species numerous times.

That’s very difficult to do with starters, though, as you only get one chance at the beginning of the game to spot them.

The Reddit user, IamPiety, posted the following to the Sword and Shield subreddit: “PSA: To the poor soul who (most definitely) accidentally traded a legit shiny Scorbunny. If you can prove your OT, I would be happy to give it back! Please share this, so we can find this guy!”

PSA: To the poor soul who (most definitely) accidentally traded a legit shiny Scorbunny, if you can prove your OT, I would be happy to give it back! Please share this, so we can find this guy! from PokemonSwordAndShield


This act of generosity shows that no matter how terrible a mistake you have made in trades, there’s always a chance that an accidental exchange of shinies could be rectified by honest members of the community. Yet, it did leave a few trainers pretty conflicted about what they would do in the same situation.

One wrote: “Props to you my man. Also, f**k you because you made me realize that if this happened to me I probably wouldn’t even try to trade it back.” Another user was a little more crafty, posting: “If it makes you feel better you can pretend I was the OT as I’ll gladly take it off your hands.”

Whether or not the original trainer will step forward and be reunited with their shiny Pokemon remains to be seen, but the sentiment is really nice nevertheless. Hopefully they see this post and get their rare starter back.

If you would like to read more about shiny Pokemon, check out our comprehensive Pokemon Sword & Shield shiny hunting guide for tips, tricks and how to increase your chances of finding one.


How to use Pokemon Go’s new custom tags feature

Published: 3/Dec/2020 11:40 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 11:42

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Go has introduced a fan-demanded custom tagging feature that allows trainers to organize their Pokemon collection in any way they want.

The primary function of custom tagging is to allow players to sort their Pokemon in specific ways, making them easier to browse. Players have always been able to ‘favorite’ their best creatures, but custom tags add a whole new world of possibilities.

Players will be able to create up to 100 tags with the colors Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Orange, Grey, and Black.

There’s also the ability to check a Pokemon’s tag from their status screen, and click through to see all other Pokemon carrying that tag.

Pokemon GO Kanto event promotion showing Gen 1 starter monsters.
Pokemon Go / Niantic
Pokemon Go fans can now use custom tags to organize their Pokemon

It’s certainly a useful feature, and we can see it coming in handy as more species continue to be added to the game – especially with Gen 6 arriving alongside December’s Kalos Celebration Event.

How to use Pokemon Go’s custom tagging feature

It’s relatively simple to use the custom tagging feature, but we’ve got step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Load up the Pokemon Go app.
  2. Click the PokeBall at the bottom of the screen to open the menu.
  3. Select the ‘Pokemon’ option and choose the Pokemon you’d like to tag.
  4. Select the menu button at the bottom right-hand corner, and choose the ’Tag’ option.
  5. Select ‘Add new tag’ and then enter a tag name (16 characters max) and choose a color code.
  6. Now you can add all the Pokemon you want to that tag!
Pokemon custom tagging guide
Adding custom tags is easy once you know how to do it

Quite a few players have complained that the ‘Tag’ option has bumped up the ‘Appraise’ option on the menu. “I keep clicking on it when trying to appraise my Pokémon [and it’s] super frustrating,” wrote one Reddit user.

Hopefully, this is something that gets addressed by Niantic soon. Either that or players will have to readjust their muscle memory.

What custom tags should you use?

This one’s entirely up to you. You could create tags for your favorite and least favorite creatures, or bunch all of your Event Pokemon together. Fans over on Reddit have already come up with some of their own helpful uses for the feature.

Reddit user TheMarBear detailed their custom tags: Trades, which “is going to be helpful when it comes to mass trading”; December CD, for Pokemon that are “lined up to evolve for the upcoming community days”; and Ultra League and Great League, containing “good PvP stat Pokemon” for league battles.

You can follow the latest Pokemon Go updates, event details, and new generation additions over on our Pokemon Go page.