This Pokemon Go trainer somehow hit level 43 in just four months

Pokemon Go Level 43Reddit: LeahSero

A Pokemon Go trainer has left fans shocked on Reddit after revealing that they managed to hit Level 43 in the game just four months after starting his account.

When it comes to leveling up quickly in Pokemon Go, trainers must meticulously choose when to use Lucky Eggs to help boost XP while doing various things in the game.

This challenge is only amplified after reaching level 40, as the game adds various tasks you must complete alongside having to earn millions of XP.

On February 2, Redditor Leahsero revealed they somehow hit level 43 in Pokemon Go after just four months of playing the game.

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Pokemon Go trainer reaches level 43 in just over four months

Posted in the Pokemon Go subreddit, Leahsero’s picture showed the rewards for hitting the hard-to-reach level.

Alongside the picture, they said: “SO HAPPY! start date: September 30th, 2022.”

Shortly after posting, fans began leaving comments sharing their thoughts on the achievement.

“You’re telling me you started like 4 months ago and you’re already level 43??” one user replied.

Another fan said: “Da*n, I thought I play a lot and it took me the same amount of time just to go from 42 to 43.”

LeahSero revealed a screenshot of their trainer profile, confirming the account’s start date of September 30, 2022.

In the screenshot, you can see the trainer visited over 25,000 PokeStops, walked over 2.5k kilometers, and caught over 53,000 Pokemon in the four months since starting their account.

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They also revealed that they spend over $40 a month on the game, which has helped them immensely.

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