Niantic congratulates Pokemon Go player for hitting incredible milestone

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Pokemon Go developer Niantic congratulated a hardcore player for reaching an achievement in the mobile game that’s incredibly difficult to achieve.

If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go, chances are you know just how difficult it is to level up.

The game’s level cap is 50, and trainers who play Pokemon Go on a daily basis are still not even hitting level 40, let alone level 50. The required amounts of experience needed become compounded with required tasks after hitting level 40, making each new level a sometimes months-long effort to achieve.

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However, a handful of players have actually managed to hit level 50, and Niantic has honored one of them with a personalized shoutout.

Niantic honors level 50 Pokemon Go player

On December 19, Pokemon Go player pokestopcafe shared their incredible accomplishment of hitting level 50 in the mobile monster collecting game.

“So, it happened!” pokestopcafe announced.

To honor their dedication, Niantic used the official Pokemon Go account and gave them a shoutout: “Amazing work, trainer!”

Leveling up in Pokemon Go takes years and years, and hitting the maximum level shows that pokestopcafe was hard at work on a daily basis fighting gyms and catching monsters in the great outdoors.

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The first trainer to ever hit level 50 happened back in January 2021, showing just how long it takes to grind levels in the mobile version of Pokemon. While there aren’t any special rewards from the developer for hitting this goal, the bragging rights after all the effort are definitely worth it.

Pokemon Go players have long wondered if and when Niantic will raise the max level from 50 to 60, and as more players continue to hit the maximum level, the developers may be forced to raise that level cap.

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