The Pokemon Company reveals new Wailord jumbo plush

Pokemon Day 2023 jumbo Wailord plushThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has announced a new jumbo plush as part of the upcoming Pokemon Day 2023 celebration. The Wailord plush is an enormous opportunity for fans of the series.

Fans around the world are prepping for Pokemon Day 2023, and the festivities are already off to an amazing start with news from The Pokemon Company. This year’s theme “Pokemon Together” is encouraging Trainers to celebrate the community of the series while looking forward to what new content may release over the coming months.

To help with the celebrations, The Pokemon Center has announced the reveal of a new Jumbo plush following a Twitter teaser that was released on February 13. As fans have guessed, the new, extra-large companion will be Wailord, the “Float Whale” Pokemon.

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The enormous Water-type is the perfect addition to the jumbo plush line, as it is one of the biggest in the series so far. It will join other adorable jumbo plush options like Lucario, Swablu, Arcanine, and Spheal.

A really big pre-order for Pokemon Day 2023

Wailord jumbo plush Pokemon Day 2023The Pokemon Company
Wailord is normally 47 feet long

According to The Pokemon Center, the Wailord jumbo plush will be available to pre-order for $420 USD on February 17, 2023, at 8 AM PT. The plushes are expected to ship early in November. Additionally, they will be in limited quantity, so those wanting one will need to order theirs early.

The Wailord jumbo plush is described as “1/10th” the size of an actual Wailord. As Wailord is normally 47 feet and 7 inches in length, this will make the plush roughly 4 feet and 9 inches. It is the perfect collector’s item to snuggle up with, or use as a centerpiece room decoration – though some may just want to take it as a buddy to the beach.

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Those looking to celebrate Pokemon Day 2023 will definitely want to take a look at the magnificent plush and consider adding it to their own personal collections.