The 4 best Pokemon for doubles battles from The Crown Tundra

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The Crown Tundra brings all sorts of Pokemon back to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here are the four best Pokemon from the expansion you can use in ranked doubles battles to climb the ladder.

If you’re looking to get an edge up on your opponents in Sword and Shield’s Battle Stadium, you’re going to need strong Pokemon in your party. The Crown Tundra brings a plethora of Legendaries and strong Pokemon back to the game.

While not all of these are legal in ranked battles yet, there are still plenty to choose from. Here are the best four.

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4. Metagross

Top 4 Pokemon The Crown TundraPokemon Database
Metagross in all its glory

Metagross has always been a strong Pokemon, and it’s already tearing up doubles battles again. It has an impressive 135 attack and 130 defense.

Its natural bulk and lower speed make it a great Weakness Policy user because it’s incredibly tough to KO. Its Clear Body ability also helps it out against popular Intimidate users like Landorus and Incineroar.

The best way to use Metagross is to Dynamax it so when it gets hit by a super-effective move, it survives and its Weakness Policy activates. This will increase its Attack by two stages which allows it to one-hit-KO almost any opponent.

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3. Regieleki

Top 4 Pokemon The Crown TundraPokemon Database
The newest Regi Pokemon

The new member of the Regi family has a base 200 speed, which makes it faster than any other Pokemon in the game. Its ability, Transistor boosts the power of its electric attacks by 50%. This makes it one of the premier electric-type attackers in the entire game.

You can give Regieleki Choice Specs to maximize its damage output, or Focus Sash to ensure it survives at least one attack. Make sure to be careful of ground types and Pokemon with the Lightning Rod ability, as they will give you a hard time.

2. Tapu Fini

Best 4 Pokemon The Crown TundraPokemon Database
Tapu Fini is a great water-type attacker

Tapu Fini is by far way the best water-type attacker in The Crown Tundra. It’s incredibly bulky, with 115 defense and 130 special defense, but it also has a 95 special attack to help with damage. It has a great ability in Misty Surge that sets up a Misty Terrain which protects Pokemon from non-volatile status conditions.

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To get the most out of Tapu Fini, make sure it knows the move Calm Mind. You can use Calm Mind to raise your special attack and special defense, and then you can use Muddy Water to hit both of the other Pokemon. You can also use Moonblast as a STAB fairy attack.

1. Landorus-Therian

Best 4 Pokemon The Crown TundraPokemon Database
Landorus in its Therian form

Landorus has been an incredibly strong Pokemon in doubles battles since it came out in Gen 5. It has the ability Intimidate, which is always valuable, and it comes with a moveset and a typing that was made for doubles. On top of this, it has an incredible 145 attack stat.

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Before you do anything, make sure your Landorus is in its Therian form, otherwise, it won’t have the same stats and ability.

When battling with it, you should Dynamax it to get buffs from Max Airstream and other Max moves. Be wary of potential ice-type moves, as they will usually one-hit-KO Landorus.

So there you have it, the four best competitive Pokemon from the Crown Tundra!