Hilarious Overwatch video transforms fights into Pokemon battles

Brent Koepp
pokemon overwatch crossover

An incredible Overwatch crossover video made waves online when a fan transformed the team-based shooter into Nintendo’s insanely popular RPG, Pokemon.

Ever since its debut in 2016, Overwatch has continued to be one of the most popular online shooters in the world. Players can’t seem to get enough of its vibrant and diverse cast of characters.

A player took this aspect of the FPS and merged it with Game Freak’s hit RPG, Pokemon. The incredible crossover has healer Ana becoming the ultimate Trainer with her trusty ‘mon, Torbjörn.

overwatch pokemon fan crossover
The Overwatch fan creatively merged the FPS with Pokemon.

Incredible Overwatch x Pokemon crossover

Overwatch player ‘Spongiest‘ shared their comedic creation online on November 4. The Blizzard fan explained that they got the inspiration using Ana’s ult Nano Boost. “Everytime I nano someone I think of them as my pokemon,” they wrote.

They also included a video that shows the sniper using her healing move. With incredible editing, the screen then fades into a 32-bit Pokemon battle. Spongiest compares Ana buffing their teammate to that of a Trainer sending their monster into battle.

The clip then shows Torbjörn being thrown out of of a Pokeball, where he uses his special attack “Meatballs” to hit foes – hilariously named after the famous “you should try my meatballs” voice line. The fan’s video perfectly captures every detail from the Nintendo RPG, from the font down to the HP bar.


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Despite releasing in 1996, the Pokemon franchise has continued to dominate in sales. In 2019, financial reports revealed that the Game Freak IP is now the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, even beating out Marvel and Disney.

If nothing else, the crossover is a good example of how perfect Nintendo property would be when mixed with the Blizzard shooter. It’s a shame that the Switch version of the team-based shooter doesn’t have any Pokemon-themed skins – after all a Snorlax-themed D.Va mech would be epic.

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