Pokemon TCG just banned ‘overpowered’ Scoop Up Net card in Japan

Andres Velez
Scoop Up Net Pokémon Trainer Card TCG

The Scoop Up Net Pokemon trainer card will be banned in expanded Pokemon TCG play in Japan, the company has announced.

The ban comes just before the introduction of even stronger EX Pokemon in upcoming Ancient Roar, Future Flash, and Paradox Rift sets. Given the increased versatility of Scoop Up Net, the decision was somewhat expected.

In the Pokemon TCG 2020 Rebel Clash expansion set, Scoop Up Net has been seen by many as an overpowered card.

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So much so, that many players predicted a ban in expanded play due to its extended utility.

Why Pokemon TCG has banned the Scoop Up Net card

scoop up net pokemon cardPokemon
The Scoop Up Net card was added in the Rebel Clash series.

Scoop Up allows you to put a Pokemon that isn’t a V or GX into your hand, making it a great trainer card to help out your EX Pokemon. This has proven to be a touch too powerful for the Japanese Expanded play metagame, so they have decided to take action.

When is the Scoop Up Net card being banned?

Effective Friday, October 27, the Pokemon Company, who are responsible for maintaining the TCG ban list will be banning Scoop Up from expanded play in Japan.

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Incidentally, the same release date of Ancient Roar and Future Flash sets that will include the highly anticipated Iron Valiant EX.

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The expanded format is not however supported outside of Japan since the pandemic and Scoop Up was rotated out of Standard play on April 14 of this year for the 2023/24 season. 

In a translated statement, The Pokemon Company said: “Collection Net will be a card that cannot be included in decks after October 27, 2023.”

The ban comes just before the release of Iron Valiant Ex, whose Tachyon Bits ability puts two damage counters on one of your opponent’s active Pokemon when it moves from the bench to the active zone. Iron Valiant Ex will already be strong enough when paired with trainer item card Switch Cart and Switch, and Jolteon VMAX with its zero retreat cost. 

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Special Energy card Jet Energy will also allow Iron Valiant EX to swap. If Scoop Up was around, you could then move Iron Valiant Ex without skipping an attack after firing off a Lazer Blade. 

Luckily, the card description specifies that Iron Valiant EX may only use its ability once per turn, unlike Shaymin Ex. That card was banned on November 27, 2020, from all sanctioned TCG tournaments.

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