Build-a-Bear adds giant cuddly Charizard to Pokemon collection

Ash Singh

Bring home a giant huggable Charizard plush with a flaming personality from Build-A-Bear Workshop’s bundle.

Pokemon fans and collectors can now bring home a jumbo-sized cuddly companion with Build-A-Bear Workshop’s new Giant Charizard bundle. Perfect for hugging or displaying, this imposing tall plush depicts the beloved Fire-type starter evolution with soft flame retardant fabrics.

Charizard’s signature orange exterior with blue wings is faithfully recreated in fuzzy texture across the stuffed sculpture.

Intricate face details like its horn, snout, and piercing eyes are embroidered, bringing Pokemon’s draconic powerhouse to life in cute form.

The bundle also includes a knitted hat designed perfectly for Charizard’s head, complete with an attached scarf for wrapping up during imaginary adventures. Whether given as a gift or self-purchased, this impressive set makes a fiery addition to any Pokemon collection.

Heat up your Pokemon collection with a giant-sized Charizard plush

giant-sized Charizard plush

As one of the most iconic first-generation monsters besides Pikachu, fan-favorite Charizard has appeared across games, cards, shows, movies, and merch over the years.

Now Build-A-Bear adds to the dragon’s legacy with their unique life-sized plush, eliciting nostalgia for long-time collectors.

Pick up this flaming hot bundle and introduce a freshly stuffed Charizard to your squad. Just be careful of its fiery tail! Then let your imagination wander as you journey together with your very own giant-sized version of the final form of Charmander.

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