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Pokemon Unite update patch notes: Zapdos nerfed & Drednaw debuffed

Published: 19/Oct/2021 21:35

by Brent Koepp


Zapdos has been finally nerfed in the Nintendo MOBA. Here are the Pokemon Unite patch notes which bring major changes to TiMi Studios multiplayer. 

Ever since its launch in June, Pokemon Unite players have been begging TiMi Studios to nerf Zapdos. Fans may have gotten their wish as the developer is using the Halloween Festival to push through some major overhauls to the game.

Here is a full break down of the update patch notes, released on October 20, which include some pretty exciting gameplay changes to maps and min-bosses like Drednaw, and Greedent’s debut.

Pokemon Unite patch patch notes

The following changes have been confirmed:


Mer Stadium

Pokemon Unite Mer Stadium during Halloween Festival
TiMi Studios / The Pokemon Company
Mer Stadium gets a spooky makeover for the Halloween Festival.
  • Map: For a limited-time, Mer Stadium will be transformed into a spooky-land full of chills for the Halloween festival.
  • Battle Items: Battle Items will be turned into Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins which can be thrown at opponents.

Remoat Stadium

Pokemon Unite Zapdos battle
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Players will now get less Energy for defeating Zapdos.
  • Drednaw: The amount of shield given to teams who KO Drednaw has been decreased.
  • Drednaw: XP teams receive after defeating Drednaw has been decreased.
  • Energy: Energy obtained after KO’s has been decreased.
  • Zapdos: The amount of energy gained after defeating Zapdos has been decreased.
  • Rotom: Player Movement Speed, HP, and Attack has been increased after defeating Rotom.
  • Rotom: The time Rotom sits on a goal for players to score quicker has been increased.

Pokemon Unite Gengar buff

Gengar Pokemon Unite profile image

Fitting to the Halloween Festival celebration, Pokemon Unite’s favorite Ghost-type ‘mon is getting a major change to its design. Unlike previous updates, TiMi Studios is making some pretty substantial changes to the character.

Starting at Level 5, Gengar will now recover HP each time it inflicts special damage against enemies. The number of health points given back will be based on the total damage you unleash on opponents.

The new changes will certainly make the Jungler ‘mon incredible formidable as it now gives it survivability to be able to take risks.

All the changes listed above will go live on Wednesday, October 20, after the patch is pushed out for Pokemon Unite’s Halloween Festival.


While the new update addresses a major issue fans had with Zapdos, it will be interesting to see if the decrease in energy will be enough to fix the the issues many had with the mini-boss.