Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode 128 trailer foreshadows the end of Ash’s story

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Episode 128 Ash Leon Championship animeThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys has released a new trailer for episode 128, and the flashbacks near the end of the clip indicate Ash’s journey could really be coming to a close after the championship conclusion.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys has released a preview trailer and air date for episode 128 following the two-week gap after episode 127. It has been confirmed the majority of the new content will be a recap, leading into the Championship match between Ash and Leon.

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Many Pokemon anime fans have speculated what the conclusion of Ultimate Journeys could mean for the series. Ash has had a chance to travel through each of the past regions featured in the show, as well as reunite with past companions and Pokemon team members. The overall narrative leading up to the World Coronation Series Tournament finals has felt like Ash’s last challenge.

However, thanks to the new preview, there is more evidence than previously offered regarding the potential fate of the quirky protagonist – leading many to believe this will be his final season in the anime.

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The Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode 128 preview shows flashbacks

In the preview video uploaded by anipoke_PR on Twitter, Pokemon fans get their first look at episode 128. In the clip, Leon and Ash are both seen preparing for battle, before stepping up to face each other in the arena. Characters like Goh, Dawn, Jesse, James, Meowth, and Hop are seen watching in the stands.

However, English translations of specific clips shared by AnipokeFandom, have hit many fans harder than the exciting overlay of battle prep scenes. The images, which show a flashback of Ash and Pikachu’s first meeting at the start of the journey, have the captions “This battle…Everything since me and Pikachu met…” and “All our adventures come together in this battle!”.

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Unlike previous season finale battles, this phrasing seems to indicate that this is the ultimate battle and that his time with Pikachu, and as a trainer, will come to a climax as he faces off against Leon.

While nothing has been confirmed about the future of the Pokemon anime following Ultimate Journeys, it seems increasingly likely a big change could be coming with the release of Scarlet & Violet this fall.

When will Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Episode 128 release?

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode 128 will premiere in Japanon October 21, 2022.

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This date coincides with the release of the first batch of English episodes on Netflix, giving Pokemon anime fans plenty to look forward to in the coming week.