Pokemon trainer’s Mom goes viral after taking TCG tournament by storm

Pokemon character with bird on shoulderPokemon

Pokemon trainers can utilize their battle skills in the Trading Card Game, with real-life tournaments pitting competitors against each other, and a tweet showing just how far one Mom has come has gone viral. 

It is the goal of everybody involved in Pokemon to be the very best, and of course, catch ’em all, and everyday players will certainly be grinding away to become that in the video games and by watching the anime TV series.

However, it’s not every day that you see such a sweet story like that of Twitter user Caroline Director, who has been tweeting about their mom’s sudden leap into the world of the TCG and has gained an insane amount of traction on the platform following her shock performance.

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Pokemon trainer's Mom takes over TCGUnsplash
Pokemon trainer’s Mom didn’t just take part in a Trading Card Game tournament, she took over.

Caroline revealed that her Mom, Pam, initially asked if she could come along to play for a bit of fun, practicing how to do a proper coin flip before the tournament began.

It was clear, right from the outset, that the upcoming TCG player wanted to learn and fast, with the support from members of the community attending the event.

After learning the rules, competing in a tournament and sensationally finishing in the Top 8, Pam’s achievement has been lauded by not just other players, but the official Pokemon Twitter account as well.

She knocked out a number of competitions, including her own daughter, to progress to the latter stages of the competition, with the family sending out a warning to all other TCG competitors.

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Caroline Director tweeted: “Pam is coming for you regionals, get ready.”

Whether or not Pam will actually go on to play cards at a major tournament like the Pokemon World Championships remains to be seen.

But, if one day of light training managed to turn her into a Top 8 player in the first tournament, who knows what her future may hold in the game.