Pokemon trainers celebrate their anniversary with epic custom Pokemon card

pokemon card anniversary

A Pokemon training couple has melted the hearts of the internet after showing off a fantastic custom card to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

Over the past 25 years, Pokemon has brought people together via video games, card collecting, and even anime. And sometimes, trainers catch feelings for one another while trying to catch Pokemon.

As such, players have found numerous ways to show their affection for one another using the wonderful world of Pokemon. Like the Pokemon Go trainer who recently sought the help of the community to flirt with an in-game friend.

The game also produced magic for another trainer after his girlfriend celebrated their one-year anniversary by giving him a custom holographic card.

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One-year anniversary Pokemon Card

Reddit user Neaeran posted to the r/pokemon subreddit showing off his brand new holographic Pokemon card. However, it didn’t belong to the new Lost Origin set.

Instead, Neaeran’s card was an epic custom piece gifted to him by his girlfriend. It was meant to celebrate their first year together.

Aptly named ‘The Anniversary’, this card’s artwork featured both members of the couple as well as a Scissor and Squirtle. With 200HP, it’s move ‘Will you be with me for another year’ grants the user with another year of love, laughter, cuddling, kisses, watching anime, playing video games, and happiness.

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According to tradition, couples are meant to celebrate their first year anniversaries by giving each other gifts made of paper. And Neaeran’s girlfriend knocked her gift out of the park.

For their second year, she’ll have to follow this up with a custom plush since cotton is the traditional medium according to the Hallmark guidelines.