Pokemon trainer builds incredible DIY Gen 1 starters out of LEGO

pokemon generation 1 starters lego header imageGame Freak / The Pokemon Company / LEGO

A LEGO content creator has started making tutorials on how fans can build their own versions of the final evolution starter Pokemon from  Generation 1 LEGO pieces.

Despite LEGO officially collaborating with Nintendo on elaborate sets featuring Super Mario and Bowser, the partnership hasn’t extended much further beyond that.

Despite Pokemon being one of Nintendo’s most popular properties, LEGO hasn’t released any official Pokemon sets to date.

Thankfully, one LEGO content creator is making some incredible video tutorials that show fans how to build their own figures, featuring the final evolutions of the Generation 1 starter Pokemon.

Pokemon fan builds Gen 1 starters with Lego

The tutorials come by way of Brickmill Studios on YouTube who has managed to make some impressive builds of various Pokemon like Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, and even all six Regis.

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Since these builds simply use various parts from the broader LEGO catalog, the content creator certainly had to get creative with the pieces used to create the build.

Brickmill started with Charizard, laying out each individual piece needed to build every part of the iconic Fire dragon, even including a full parts list which can be found here.

Though the build looks pretty intensive utilizing lots of small pieces to make the entire figure, the video goes through the entire build process.

Next, Brickmill Studios tackled the behemoth Grass and Poison-type Venusaur, whose parts list can be found here.

Venusaur certainly looks to be the most complicated of the three starter evolutions to build, thanks to its bulkier body type requiring a lot more pieces overall.

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Finally, Brickmill, tackles the walking Water tank, Blastoise through an 11-minute build video.

Though one would think it would be exceedingly challenging to find parts that fit Blastoise’s iconic water cannons, apparently LEGO has parts that match them almost to a tee.

Those interested in more Pokemon builds can check out Brickmill Studio’s other projects, including Dragonite, Garchomp, and Hydreigon to name a few.