5 Pokemon that need Hisuian forms in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Absol and Spiritomb on the Pokemon Legends Arceus mapThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends Arceus will take Trainers back in time to the Hisui region, with certain species getting brand new Hisuian forms – and we’ve got a few ideas of which Pokemon should get one next.

Regional forms are a popular feature that was first introduced back in Sun & Moon with Alolan variants of existing Pokemon like Raichu and Sandshrew. Not long after, they were joined by Galarian forms in Sword & Shield.

So it wasn’t too surprising when The Pokemon Company revealed that the upcoming Switch title Legends Arceus would have its own regional forms, with the likes of Hisuian Growlithe and Hisuian Zorua already winning fans over.

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You can see all of the confirmed Hisuain forms in our guide here, but ahead of the highly-anticipated game’s release in January 2022, we’re looking at five other Pokemon that deserve a Hisuian form in Legends Arceus.


Spiritomb on the Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian map

The Sinnoh region’s Spiritomb has one of the most interesting backstories of any Pokemon: According to the Pokedex, it was formed of 108 spirits and bound to a keystone 500 years ago as punishment for mischief and misdeeds. With Legends Arceus taking us into the past, this could be the perfect time to feature a Hisuian Spiritomb, before it got locked in the keystone. Not only would it be a great way to dive deeper into Pokemon lore, but it would also look pretty cool, too.

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Absol on the Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian map

It may be known for causing disasters wherever it goes, but the Dark-type Absol has become one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. As a monotype creature, it’s in a prime position to become a dual-type with Fairy or Psychic, and its appearance certainly fits in alongside the feudal Japan-style visuals of the Hisui region. With Mega Evolutions seemingly gone for good in the mainline games, a new Hisuian form would help keep Absol interesting.

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Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite

Dragonite on the Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian map

Outside of Pikachu and the starter trio, Dragonite remains one of the most iconic Gen 1 Pokemon to this day, so it’s quite surprising that it’s yet to receive any special treatment like a Mega Evolution or a regional form. A Hisuian variant could be the perfect way to change that, perhaps making it a dual Dragon and Steel-type, or the long-debated pairing of Dragon and Fairy to really switch things up.

Gastly, Haunter and Gengar

Gengar on the Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian map

Marowak, Corsola, and Zorua have all been turned into Ghosts with their regional forms, but only one OG Ghost-type has been given a regional form so far, and it wasn’t a great one (sorry, Galarian Yamask). We’d love to see a Ghost-type become something totally unexpected, a bit like when Sandshrew become a dual Ice and Steel-type, and the fan-favorite Gastly evolution line could be the trio to do it. An Electric-type Gengar, for example, would certainly be interesting.

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Eevee and the Eeveelutions

Eevee on the Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian map

The adorable Eevee is pretty much the secondary mascot of Pokemon, behind only Pikachu, so any new developments surrounding it are sure to get players hyped. So far, there have been Eeveelutions for every ‘special’ typing, from the Electric-type Jolteon to the Fairy-type Sylveon, except for Dragon. So how incredible would it be to have a Hisuian Eevee that evolves into a Dragon-type Eeveelution? Or even Hisuian variants for every Eeveelution? It’s a wild idea (and probably unlikely), but we can dream!

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While you patiently wait for Pokemon Legends Arceus to arrive, check out all of the confirmed Hisuian forms here, all of the Wardens revealed so far, and everything else we know about the game here.