Pokemon TCG player’s “custom” proposal to girlfriend goes viral 

Andres Velez
Zach Rodriguez proposes to girlfriend, Katie at a playing card table

A video showing an Australian Pokemon TCG fan’s unique marriage proposal has gone viral a year after the event, as people share the heartwarming story.

Zachary Rodriguez proposed to his girlfriend Katie Lee Van Eaton using a custom deck in 2022, filming the special moment and posting the video on YouTube. However, the wholesome moment captured the hearts of Pokemon fans all over the world, after it was shared again on social media in November 2023.

Zachary had been dating Katie for 18 months when he proposed in a shop that sells Pokemon TCG cards. He had written the proposal on a Fighting-type energy card, scrawling the question: “Katie Lee Van Eaton, Will You Marry Me?”

When Zachary gave the set of cards to Katie, he urged her to open them. Then, when she pulled the final card in the set, she exclaimed “Oh my God!” in shock. 

He then made his proposal, saying “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” She immediately accepted, joyously saying: “I’m so happy! Yes, yes, I’ll marry you.” Even though the event took place in 2022, Pokemon fans are still loving this wholesome moment. 

Instagrammers commenting were quick to spread their love, one telling Zachary, “She’s the rare one.” While “It’s a glimmer”, said another.

Proposing with trading cards has happened before. A different Pokemon TCG fan proposed to his fiance with a custom Charizard card. Indeed, the inventor of Magic the Gathering, Richard Garfield, proposed to his wife with a special celebration card, Proposal.

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