Pokemon Sword Shield: Zarude and Mythical friend finally confirmed

Paul Cot
Zarude in Pokemon Sword & Shield

We’ve been waiting for Zarude’s arrival in Pokemon Sword and Shield since February and now, finally, we have a date set for the new Mythical Pokemon.

Before the global health crisis, Zarude was set to hit the popular Nintendo Switch game on July 10. This was to coincide with the new Pokemon the Movie: Coco.

Trainers that bought a ticket for the much anticipated movie would be given a code which could be redeemed to give you Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The movie was delayed though, and that meant Zarude was too.

Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco is still delayed and is expected to be released some time in late 2020. However, that doesn’t mean Zarude isn’t coming sooner.

According to Serebii trainers will be able to get their Zarude code on August 7. This will be part of the Pokemon Movie: Coco pre-booking distribution whereby, presumably, trainers that pre-book their ticket will be given a code for the dual dark and grass-type Mythical ‘mon.


That’s not all though, Zarude is bringing an iconic Mythical friend with him. Celebi has yet to be made available in Pokemon Sword and Shield (other than via Pokemon HOME) but now trainers will be given a chance to get one.

Celebi Pokemon Sword Shield
Celebi is coming alongside Zarude to Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Like Zarude, Celebi will be added to the Galar region via redeeming a code. This will also be given to those who book their ticket to see the Pokemon Coco movie.

Currently this has only been confirmed for Japanese fans but hopefully it will come to the West and the rest of the world sooner than later. It remains to be seen whether the Rogue Pokemon will be added to Sword and Shield via any other method at a later date.

Trainers will welcome the Pokemon Company’s decision to release Zarude before the film premieres, otherwise Zarude would mark one of the longer waits for a confirmed Pokemon in recent history. The addition of Celebi only sweetens the deal.