Pokemon Sword and Shield not reusing models, Game Freak claim

Paul Cot

It has been a roller-coaster ride for Pokemon Sword and Shield over the last couple of months as lots of new details have been revealed amid accusations the Pokemon models are taken from previous games.

In an interview with Famitsu, via Polygon, Game Freak say that models for Pokemon appearing in Sword and Shield were built from the ground up.

This is in contrast to accusations from Pokemon fans who have accused Game Freak of reusing textures from Pokemon Let’s Go and, Sun and Moon. One Reddit user stated: “The textures are the same. [Game Freak] is using an effect called fresnel rim lighting, which lights up the outer area of an object, which is very transparent on all Pokemon.”

ABBXPokemon Sword and Shield upscaling previous models?

The evidence is pretty damning, it is hard to look at the comparisons and come to the conclusion that the models are indeed brand new. Nevertheless, Game Freak have shot these fans theories down.

Just because the models look similar to those seen in Gen 7 and Gen 6 games doesn’t necessarily mean they are the same. They may have been built from the ground up and a few of the Pokemon have ended up looking similar – something that could have easily happened. It is also possible the truth lies in between where these older models were used as templates, meaning they are indeed brand new.

u/MysticSongAre the animations in Pokemon Sword and Shield reused?

However, the more cynical Pokemon fans will believe Game Freak are simply lying. Another comparison suggests Pokemon Sword and Shield have reused animations too, which only adds credence to the copying claim.

One trainer in the same thread asked: “Whether or not they [are] actually are making them from scratch, they don’t look like it so what was the point?” This is a question which summarises Pokemon fans’ frustrations. Another trainer tried to answer the question, saying: “This is really the issue. Who cares if they remade everything from scratch if it looks the same? That’s just wasted effort and a terrible excuse to exclude stuff.”

Regardless of whether the models are reused or not, a lot of potential Pokemon Sword and Shield players aren’t happy right now. There is a feeling among the Pokemon community that Sword and Shield may not reach the lofty heights that were hoped for.

Despite the recent negativity surrounding the game, there is still a huge amount of excitement for Pokemon Sword and Shield. That excitement will only get bigger as we draw closer to the November 15 release date.

Last updated 20:37 ET, July 14, 2019