Pokemon Sword and Shield: Is the Galar region set in Britain?

Pokemon, YouTube

The core details of the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have been released. These include the aforementioned titles, a broad release date and the starter Pokemon.

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Galar region

Slightly flying under the radar was the announcement of the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield region. The name is the Galar region.

The Pokemon Twitter account describes the Galar region as expansive, filled with idyllic countryside and contemporary cities. There are also vast plains and snow covered mountains.

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The Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield…
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Set in Britain?

Perhaps the strongest rumors from before Pokemon Direct was the setting of Britain. Internet murmurings suggested the new Pokemon game will have a royalty based king and queen theme. The Sword and Shield names suggests there is at least a little bit of truth to this.

Moreover, the setting from the teaser further suggests this. The array of open spaced countryside, woods and the structure of buildings resembles Britain.

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Furthermore, the inclusion of castles, adds further evidence to this as they are primarily found in Europe, namely Britain.

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Various locations in the Galar region…

What else does Galar show?

Given the traditional structure of Pokemon games, the map suggests players will move south to north as the game progresses. The south of Galar shows a small English looking village, not overly dissimilar from Kanto’s Pallet Town. It would make sense for this to be the starting location.

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Additionally, the locations, and perhaps their increasing magnitude, also suggest a south to north progression is likely. The map also shows various countryside, hills, lakes, a city, snow mountains, an interesting building structure surrounded by walls and finally a large arena like buildings which may host the end game.

No doubt more rumors and details will be announced about the Galar region and Pokemon Sword and Shield in the coming months, stay tuned.