Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer’s Gallade ditches them thanks to hilarious bug

Philip Trahan
pokemon scarlet violet gallade header

One poor Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer had their Gallade completely ditch them after throwing them out of their Poke Ball.

The Generation 9 Pokemon games, Scarlet & Violet, introduced a ton of new features to the mainline series that changed how fans played the game.

While the change to an open world format was probably the biggest update, new mechanics like the Let’s Go feature allowed trainers to train and interact with their Pokemon in all new ways.

Unfortunately, one poor trainer experienced a hilarious bug surrounding the new Let’s Go mechanic, which caused their Gallade to completely ditch them in the field.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer watches Gallade flee the party

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer made a post on the game’s subreddit titled, “My Gallade took the ‘Let’s Go’ feature to a whole new level.”

The OP attached a video clip of the glitch in action. Upon sending their Gallade out using Let’s Go, the Pokemon appears to get ready to battle a wild Marill as intended.

Normally, Pokemon sent out using the Let’s Go feature simply wander around near their trainer and battle any Pokemon near them on sight.

However, instead of getting into a battle with the wild Pokemon on the field, the Gallade instead makes a beeline for the hills in the distance and doesn’t stop.

While the video only lasted for 16 seconds, fans can see Gallade slowly shrinking in the distance as it continues to ditch its trainer completely.

Members of the Scarlet & Violet community loved the hilarious bug, with many making comparisons to Forrest Gump thanks to Gallade’s dedication to running nonstop. The trainer even confirmed that they “nicknamed [Gallade] Forrest” after witnessing the glitch.

Others made jokes like calling the feature “Let’s Gone mode” or saying its IV characteristic is probably “likes to run.”

Thankfully, the trainer didn’t lose their Gallade forever and was able to simply recall it into its Poke Ball, though they should probably keep a close eye on it from now on.