Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers argue one of the “redundant” types needs to go

Philip Trahan
A Pokemon Trainer from the Scarlet and Violet DLC

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have started a debate on which “redundant” type needs to either get combined into another or get cut completely.

While the Pokemon franchise originally began with 15 types, that number has since grown to 18 or 19—depending on how one counts the Stellar type in Scarlet & Violet.

With each type having a variety of different weaknesses, resistances, and immunities it can certainly be hard to keep track of what’s effective against what.

Now, some fans have argued that one of the more redundant types needs to disappear completely—or at least be consolidated into a similar type.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans want to see one “redundant” type go

A post on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit sparked a discussion among the community after one trainer asked, “If you could take one type out of the game, what would it be?”

The OP explained, “This could be for competitive/balancing reasons or just because you think it’s bad – curious what people think.”

The trainer argued that either Rock or Ground could exit the game, as they thought both did not need to exist. Alternately, they thought Ice could go instead thanks to Water-type prevalence.

Many fans shared their opinions in the comments, with plenty of players agreeing that either Rock or Ground was the frontrunner to go first.

“Rock and Ground could easily be consolidated [into] Terrestrial,” said one trainer. Another agreed and said, “Rock due to being semi-redundant. Kinda wish it was more like Fossil Fighters and had a dedicated Earth type.”

Some argued that this would be easier said than done thanks to the two types’ opposing effectiveness. “I… don’t know which I would want, especially since their type matchups are pretty opposite. Rock is SE against flying, Ground can’t hit flying. Rock is weak to Steel, Ground is SE against Steel. Rock is SE against Ice, Ground is weak to Ice.”

Trainers did agree that Ice could probably disappear without much consequence. “Ice? Ice is just frozen water, anything Ice-type could just become Water and these days we’d still have another dragon counter,” argued one trainer.

While some wanted to see the ‘overpowered’ Fairy-type exit the game, the majority of fans simply found Rock or Ground redundant. Although it’s unlikely Pokemon will ever outright remove a type from the game, some sort of consolidation or rebalance could happen in the future.

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