Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer taunted with uncatchable Shiny

Philip Trahan
pokemon scarlet violet shiny chansey header

One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer ran into a very unlucky glitch that prevented them from catching a Shiny that was right in front of them.

Though Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was notorious for the number of bugs and glitches present at launch, the game has largely been cleaned up since its release it released in November 2022.

Unfortunately, every now and again trainers stumble across a variety of different bugs. While many are fairly harmless graphical glitches, others can be quite frustrating whenever they crop up.

Now, one unfortunate trainer stumbled across a glitch in Area Zero that prevented them from encountering a Shiny Chansey even though it was right in front of them.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer taunted by Shiny Chansey glitch

The glitch was posted by a player on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit. The post said, “So you know that thing where a Pokemon sometimes spawns on the portal of Area Zero and can’t be interacted with? Screw this game…”

The OP attached a screenshot that showed their trainer standing next to a Shiny Chansey in a portal room in Area Zero. Unfortunately, there was no way they could physically interact with or catch the Shiny Pokemon.

The glitch in question is unique to Area Zeo and involves Pokemon in the overworld spawning into the game. Rarely, when a Pokemon fails to unload or despawn properly, they appear on the central teleport panel when traveling through Area Zero’s teleport rooms.

While this glitch sometimes affects Pokemon that are currently in a trainer’s team, it can also occur with Pokemon that haven’t been caught before.

To make the glitch even more painful, one commenter explained: “You want to know what’s worse? Since this glitch only happens with a random Pokémon that didn’t unload, you missed a shiny Chansey at some point.”

While this glitch is truly unfortunate, hopefully this trainer can dust themselves off and try to find another Shiny Chansey roaming the open world.

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