Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer embarrasses 7-star Samurott with one-hit Magikarp strat

Trainer uses Magikarp for Samurott Tera RaidThe Pokemon Company

One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has pulled off an incredible strategy with Magikarp to take down Samurott with only one move.

On March 27, the Generation IX titles added Samurott as the next available Pokemon in the 7-star Tera Raids. Samurott is the final evolution of the Water-type Pokemon Oshawott, one of the starter options in Black & White.

Instead of its typical Water-typing, Scarlet & Violet gave Samurott a Bug Tera Type. Following its introduction, many players have created game plans to complete the limited-time Tera Raid. However, one trainer didn’t have to do much for a Magikarp to defeat Samurott.

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This Pokemon trainer took down Samurott with one move

shiny magikarp

Reddit user Nommable123 shared a 30-second clip of their Shiny Magikarp on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit. The comment section detailed their chosen strategy to take down Samurott.

As seen in the video, Corviknight used Swagger on Magikarp then Perrserker attacked the fish Pokemon with False Swipe. With one HP and confusion, Magikarp struck Samurott with Flail, which caused it to faint. Flail’s power increases based on how low the attacking Pokemon’s HP is.

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Nommable123 went in depth beyond the video about the plan. First, “Corviknight uses Swagger on Magikarp three times to maximize Attack,” the trainer wrote. Perrserker then uses Screech on Samurott three times to decrease Defense.

Previously, the same player managed to defeat Decidueye in its 7-star Tera Raid. Unlike the Samurott battle, the team of trainers brought out two Perrserkers, a Shiny Magikarp, and a Medicham. Still, the Magikarp knocked the Arrow Quill Pokemon out with Flail.

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Despite the one-hit strategy, some players want to build other Pokemon for the Samurott Tera Raid. To find out what party members and movesets work best, check out our Samurott Tera Raid guide.