Scarlet & Violet players sacrifice their Pokemon to KO Samurott Tera Raids in one hit

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers have come up with strategies to take out 7-Star Samurott’s Tera Raid in one hit by using moves with high recoil damage.

For those who may have missed the news, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is hosting another 7-Star Tera Raids event featuring yet another starter from a past Generation: Samurott.

This event has the powerful Water-type using the Bug Tera-type, which means trainers have assembled strong teams using Fire, Flying, and Rock-type Pokemon to take down Samurott.

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Now, many skilled players have come up with a new “meta” to take down Samurott, which revolves around using extremely strong moves that do enough recoil damage to knock out their own Pokemon as well.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers OHKO Samurott with high recoil moves

A variety of different posts have popped up on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit, which showed trainers thinking up strategies to take down Samurott the Unrivaled in one hit.

One of those strategies came from a user named Nommable123, who used a team consisting of Koraidon, Meowscarada, Stonjourner, and a Blaze Breed Paldean Tauros. Koraidon’s Orichalcum Pulse set up harsh sunlight on turn one to boost Fire-type moves, followed up by Helping Hand.

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Next, Meowscarada used Flower Trick to trigger Tauros’ Anger Point ability, which raised its Attack stat to its max in one turn. Finally, Tauros used Flare Blitz to one-hit KO Samurott, which also sapped Tauros’ health bar at the end of the battle.

Another similar strategy came from a user named PortraitOnFire, who used a team of two Venonats, Chansey and Dreadnaw. To start, the Venonats both used Screech to lower Samurott’s Defense, while Chansey used Gravity to raise the Accuracy of the team’s moves.

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Next, Dreadnaw set up a Swords Dance to raise its Attack while Chansey used Helping Hand to further boost the team’s damage. Finally, the team’s Dreadnaw used Head Smash to OHKO Samurott, which also knocked out Dreadnaw in one turn.

As there’s no real penalty for a trainer’s Pokemon fainting after Samurott is defeated, using these high-recoil moves is an excellent strategy to deal major damage during Tera Raids — as long as trainers have solid strategies to correct their lower accuracy.

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