Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players share cheeky one-shot strats for Decidueye Tera Raids

decidueye one shot tera raid

Decidueye Tera Raids have just begun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and players have already discovered cheeky strategies to take down the 7-star boss in a single hit—some only taking one turn.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet don’t offer much in terms of a post-game experience, but that’s where Tera Raids come in. These challenging battles require planning, teamwork, and skill to conquer—and that’s just for 5 to 6-star Raids.

But every few weeks, Game Freak announces a new wave of 7-star Tera Raids that feature fan-favorite Pokemon you can’t find in Paldea. These are the most unforgiving battle in Gen 9, and one wrong move can spell disaster for your squad.

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However, some players are clever enough to find strategies that circumvent the hardcore builds Game Freak presents. And Decidueye is no exception, with many players devising strategies that kill the 7-star bird in just one hit.

7-star Decidueye Tera Raid taken down in one shot

The video above is only one of many players who have found a way to cheese Decidueye. But it does require solid cooperation from four players and the perfect builds to pull off. Here’s how they did it.

When the fight begins, Maushold uses Fake Tears on the boss to lower its Special Defense. Stonejourner uses an Attack Cheer, while Florges uses Draining Kiss on Miraidon, who is holding a Weakness Policy. This item buffs the Special Attack of the holder by two when it’s hit with a Super Effective move.

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After all of this is done, Miraidon will use Electro Drift to kill the Decidueye in one hit.

A similar strategy was posted by Zealousideal-Hat2236, but some Pokemon played different roles.

While user Prhyst came up with a strategy that allows players to take down the Decidueye without teammates. With a maxed-out Special Attack IV & EV, their Miraidon uses Metal Sound three times, Charge once, and then Electro Drift.

Prhyst did state that this does require a bit of luck, as it can only be pulled off with the right NPCs. At least one of them needs to have a Pokemon with the Intimidate ability to lower Decidueye’s Attack stat, but that’s not guaranteed each time you load into a Tera Raid solo.

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So, while Greninja and Cinderace may have proven to be a bit more difficult to cheese, players can rest easy knowing that Decidueye is an absolute pushover.