Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Decidueye Tera Raid guide: dates, moveset, & best counters

Decidueye in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

This guide will teach players everything they need to know about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s 7-star Decidueye Tera Raids, including which Pokemon to choose for the best counters.

It’s time for another 7-star Tera Raid event featuring one of the most beloved starters from Pokemon Sun & Moon. Decidueye—the Arrow Quil Pokemon—takes the spotlight in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, following other fan-favorite starters Charizard, Cinderace, and Greninja.

While players haven’t been as fearful of Decidueye’s debut as they were of Greninja, 7-star Tera Raids are still quite challenging—Decidueye will be no different.

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Luckily, this guide will help players prepare for Decidueye’s Tera Raid event in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Here is when the event kicks off, what players can expect from the raids, and which Pokemon they need to take the grass owl down.


Decidueye in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's 7-Star Tera Raid BattlesThe Pokemon Company

When will Decidueye appear in Tera Raids?

The Decidueye Tera Raid event is set to kick off in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on March 17, 2023. There will be two weekends at the end of March that feature 7-star Decidueye, they are as follows:

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  • March 17 – March 19
  • March 24 – March 26

This gives raiders plenty of time before the event starts and about a week to prepare for those who miss the first wave.

7-star Decidueye’s moveset & Tera Type

Decidueye will have a Flying Tera Type, which will be weak to Electric, Rock, and Ice-type moves. However, thanks to its base typing, it still maintains the STAB from Ghost and Grass moves. Players must be conscious of Decidueye’s potential moveset before picking the right counter.

Decidueye’s moveset consists of three powerful STAB physical moves along with two flex status moves. As a physical attacker, Decidueye will start the battle by immediately using Swords Dance, so make sure you bring a Pokemon with a great defensive stat. It also knows the move Feather Dance, so it’s best to bring Special Attackers.

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Here is the moveset for the 7-star Decidueye Tera Raids:

Decidueye in Pokemon Unite100-Swords Dance
-Low Kick
-Feather Dance
-Spirit Shackle
-Air Cutter
-Lead Blade
Long ReachSpeed Lowering

How to counter Decidueye Tera Raids

Since Decidueye is a Flying Tera Type, players will want to pick a Pokemon with super effective moves. In this case, players will likely want to go with Electric-type Pokemon as it isn’t weak to any of Decidueye’s moves and is resistant to Flying-type moves.

As well, there are plenty of Electric-type Pokemon that are viable in the Paldea region, which can’t be said for Ice or Rock types.

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As for specific moves, players will want to make sure someone in their raid party uses Acid Spray to lower Decidueye’s Special Defense (even when its shield is up) and Feather Dance to lower the boss’ Attack stat.

Below are specific builds players can use to take out the Arrow Quil Pokemon.

Best Miraidon build for Decidueye Tera Raids

For Pokemon Violet players, your version of the game comes with a near-perfect raid-ready Legendary, Miraidon. Sorry Pokemon Scarlet fans, you’ll have to use a different Pokemon on this list.

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Miraidon will play a damage-dealing role but is kitted with stat-boosting and lowering moves crucial to its success. The first is Charge, which will boost the power of the next Electric-type move used. The other is Metal Sound, which will lower Decidueye’s Special Defense by two stages.

Electro Drift is the main damage-dealing move and will receive a 30% damage boost thanks to Electric Terrain set by Miraidon’s ability. And it needs to hold the Terrain Extender, so the Electric Terrain lasts eight rounds instead of 5.

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PokemonLevelMovesetHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVs & IVs
-Metal Sound
-Electro Drift
-Parabolic Charge
Terrain ExtenderHadron EngineBoldHP & Special Attack

Best Support Bellibolt for Decidueye Tera Raids

Support is a crucial role for at least one player, and this Bellibolt build is the best support Pokemon for the job. You won’t be dealing much damage or delivering the killing blow, but you will mitigate damage and keep yourself and your teammates in the fight longer.

This build relies on stat-lowering moves to weaken Decidueye, even when its shield is up. Acid Spray will lower Decidueye’s Special Defense by two stages when it hits, and Chilling Water will lower its Attack stat by one stage for each hit. This build also assumes Decidueye is a physical attacker.

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Electric Terrain can be used to boost your and your allies’ Electric-type attacks by 30% if no one brings a Miraidon. Lastly, Parabolic Charge is used to sustain Bellibolt and can deal more damage and heal more health thanks to the Electromorphosis ability, and Big Root held item.

PokemonLevelMovesetHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVs & IVs
100-Acid Spray
-Chilling Water
-Electric Terrain
-Parabolic Charge
Big RootElectromorphosisBoldHP & Defense

Cheesy Toxtricity strategy for Decidueye raids

This strategy requires teamwork, meaning it won’t work solo or in random online raids. It requires three Toxtricity with Acid Spray and Helping Hands and one strong Special Attacker like the Miraidon above.

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On the first turn, all three Toxtricity will use Acid Spray to lower Decidueye’s defense by six stages. And on turn two, all three will use Helping Hands on the Special Attacker to boost its damage by 150%. If the attacker is Miraidon, it should already have Electric Terrain active. Otherwise, the fourth Pokemon should take the first turn to set Electric Terrain.

This had the potential to one-shot the Decidueye, but here are some extra moves in case it doesn’t. Come prepared with Magnetic Flux to boost the defensive stats of the other Toxtricity. And use Thunderbolt to deal damage. If needed, terastalize into Electric Tera Types to boost the damage of Thunderbolt even further.

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PokemonLevelMovesetHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVs & IVs
100-Acid Spray
-Helping Hands
-Magnetic Flux
LeftoversPlus/MinusBoldHP & Special Attack

That’s everything you need to know about taking down Unrivaled Decidueye in Tera Raids! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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