Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players still long for Koraidon & Miraidon QoL updates

Brianna Reeves
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Several months after the game’s release, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are still awaiting numerous quality-of-life updates.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched to rather middling review scores late last year, with critics and players agreeing that performance issues especially held it back.

Technical hiccups weren’t the only shortcomings that prevented the open-world title from reaching its full potential, however. In the months since its release, players have continuously asked for quality-of-life fixes to improve Scarlet and Violet’s overall experience.

Based on a recent Reddit post that’s attracted a lot of attention, it is clear those requests have gone unacknowledged.

Scarlet and Violet fans still want devs to add these QoL updates

Reddit user LordofSnails sparked discussion about Scarlet and Violet’s quality-of-life needs in a recent post that’s since garnered well over 2,000 upvotes.

The Redditor, specifically, called attention to the fact that Trainers can’t auto-dismount from rides when trying to set up a picnic. “Does this annoy anyone else to no end?” the user asked, to which many people responded by agreeing.

One fellow frustrated player wrote in response, “Yeah, it annoys me to no end. [Especially] since you auto-dismount when entering buildings and shops. Why can’t they do the same for picnics?!!!”

This isn’t even the only mounting-related QoL feature that needs addressing. Another Redditor pointed out that using the camera function when riding Koraidon/Miraidon still isn’t possible, making tracking down certain shinies particularly annoying.

Riding the creature while it’s in your party remains another impossibility, meaning it must be transformed before any mounted travel can begin.

Putting the mount to use during Tera Raids continues to prove a headache for many players as well, with one person noting: “… given that you can select from your box, just having the option to use the damn thing would be nice, rather than having to get off.”

Suffice it to say, for some players, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet still isn’t firing on all cylinders.

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