Everything we know about Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Scarlet Legendary

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The Legendary mascot for Pokemon Scarlet is Koraidon, a mysterious dragon that can transform into several different forms. Here’s everything you need to know about new the Legendary ‘mon including its duel types and forms.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduce two new box art Legendaries that not only possess immense power but work to accompany trainers on their journeys and replace the need for HMs like Fly and Surf.

Koraidon is a red dragon with white and blue accents and a wheel-shaped appendage jutting from its chest. It isn’t known to evolve but can transform to traverse the Paldea region. These forms include Sprinting Form, Swimming Form, and Gliding Form.

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While Koraidon doesn’t use the “wheel” while sprinting, it uses its other body parts while swimming and gliding. Its white antenna unravels to reveal the wings it uses to glide, and it uses its throat as a floatation device while swimming.

pokemon koraidon pokedex entry

Type of Pokemon

The design of a Legendary Pokemon is one of the determining factors when fans are choosing which version to buy, but their typing is just as important.

Koraidon’s typing hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but it’s heavily rumored to be a Dragon/Fighting-type Pokemon.

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Koraidon forms

Koraidon, like most Legendaries, does not evolve.

However, it does have various forms that players can switch between to suit their needs:

  • Normal Form: Walking on all fours, this form is ready for battle
  • Sprinting Form: Inflating its Wheel-like throat and tucking in its tail, this is the fastest way to traverse Paldea on foot
  • Swimming Form: Koraidon uses its throat as a floatation device while paddling through the water
  • Gliding Form: Unravelling its tendrils, Koraidon spreads its wings to glide through the air

We will continue to update this article as Game Freak provides more information or when the games are released.

If you’re deciding whether to pick up Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet based on the box art Legendary, hopefully this information will help you make your decision.

We’ve also got a list of differences and exclusive Pokemon in each version, and you can find more Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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