Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player “breaks the mold” with incredible Shiny find

Chris Studley
Tinkatuff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet made a find that literally “broke the mold,” as a Shiny was hidden inside of a mountain.

Shiny hunts have gone on for years in both the Go mobile game and the main Pokemon console titles. Finding a Shiny is tough, but rewarding for those who have the patience to search for hours on end.

One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shared a sighting of a Shiny find on social media, but this one is different than most.

That’s because thanks to a visual glitch, a Shiny spawned in a bizarre place.

Tinkatuff in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player finds Shiny in wall

On Reddit, a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player that goes by Viviaana posted a 30-second video on Reddit of what might be one of the weirdest Shiny spawns.

In the video, the player ran up the base of a mountain’s walls with Koraidon and in turn, caused a visual glitch that made part of the mountain disappear. In its place was grass and several Pokemon that can be seen moving about on the right-hand side of the screen.

The original poster then moved to an adjacent part of the mountain and ran up it. This revealed a Lv. 36 Tinkatuff hidden inside the mountain, one that turned out to be a Shiny when the player engaged it.

Several Pokemon players commented on the game’s graphics, which has received criticism dating back to the launch of Scarlet and Violet. One player noted, “This is such a [Scarlet and Violet] moment.” Another commented, “This engine is sooooo bad!!! I really wish they’d kept the [Sword and Shield] engine and added open world to it.”

Others wondered about whether they have missed Shiny Pokemon hidden in walls of the game. “I figure I’ve missed shinies like this before,” one player stated.

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