Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans can get adorable Paldea icons for their Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nintendo Switch IconsThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans with a Nintendo Switch Online account have the opportunity to download exclusive Paldea icon options, including characters, borders, and backgrounds.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have had plenty of ways to celebrate their love of the new Gen 9 video game. From the exclusive Nintendo Switch console that launched before Scarlet & Violet released, to the plushes and fashion items that can now be found on the Pokemon Center store, players have no shortage of options.

However, there is a more subtle way for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans to show of their Paldea pride right now, as players can use their Nintendo Switch Online membership to snatch some adorable icons. These include Paldea Gym leaders, the new starters, and even adorable borders and backgrounds.

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The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet icons come in five waves, with the first four already released. It is important to note that once the timeframe for a wave is completed, they will no longer be available to purchase.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Wave 4 icons are happening now

pokemon scarlet and violet player with koraidonThe Pokemon Company

According to the Nintendo website, players currently have access to Wave 4 of the Nintendo Switch icons. These will remain in the Nintendo Switch Online shop from December 8 through December 15, 2022.

The Wave 5 icons will become available from December 15 through December 25, 2022. It isn’t clear if any other waves are planned for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, so fans will want to snag the remaining icons while there is still time.

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How to get the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nintendo Switch icons

Pokemon fans who want to use a Paldean starter as their account icon, or look cute with a Gen 9 Gym Leader representing their profile to friends, can do so by following the below steps. It is important to note that only gamers with a Nintendo Switch Online account can access these icons.

Players will first need to navigate to their home screen. Then they will want to select the red Nintendo Switch Online button on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Once in the Nintendo Switch Online app, select the “Missions & Rewards” option from the side menu.

Players purchase the icons using the My Nintendo Platinum Points accumulated through completing tasks and missions on the My Nintendo account.

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This week’s wave features options like Gym Leader Iono and her partner Bellibolt, the Paldean starters, Klawf, and many others. They may be the perfect pick for sprucing up an out-of-date profile picture.