Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan finds “Gigantamax” Fletchling lurking in Paldea

Laura Gray
Fletchling Pokemon Scarlet Violet

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player made a discovery while exploring the Paldea region, bumping into the largest Fletchling they’ve ever seen.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have the ability to see wild species behaving naturally in the wild areas of Paldea. Unlike Pokemon Sword & Shield, where the spawns wandered aimlessly in tall grass on routes or through pathways of the Wild Area, the Pokemon climb trees, take naps and even eat snacks as they go about their wild lives.

Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet also appear with slight size variations. This gives the idea that each species has a wide range of diversity, even if they all look more or less the same. However, the only Pokemon that are enormous seem to be the main storyline’s Titan Pokemon, unlike the size variation Alpha species of Legends: Arceus.

While bumping into a towering Copperajah or peering up at Dragonite might be expected while exploring Paldea, one Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player stumbled across a funny optical illusion that makes a certain Pokemon look unnaturally large.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player finds behemoth Fletchling

In a Reddit post by RedArrowB06 on the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit, the trainer shares a picture of their Scarlet & Violet player standing near some cliffs. In the lefthand corner, a Lechonk can be seen standing idly, while up above the play in the right upper corner, a shocking large Fletchling can be seen.

The player describes the scene, saying: “I think I found the largest Fletchling ever”.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans offer their thoughts on the enormous Flying/Fire-type, with one commenting, “That’s a Gigantamax Fletchling without the red cloud of doom” and another adds, “Don’t get too close it might pick you up and fly away with you”.

Some players even joke that the base evolution from Kalos is a Titan, with one stating, “ITS A TITAN FLETCHLING! QUICK, get the survey corps before it destroys any city!”.

It isn’t clear what has happened to make the Fletchling look so big. It could be a cleverly altered photo or a trick of the eye following a strange glitch. Regardless, running into a Fletchling of that size would be intimidating even if it wasn’t a high level.

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