Pokemon players can now join Raid Battles in the Trading Card Game

Brent Koepp
pokemon trading card game

[jwplayer dWIP3S6z]The Pokemon Trading Card Game now has Raid Battles. The popular Sword & Shield feature was introduced to the TCG in July, and here is how you and your friends can jump in now and play for free. 

The Pokemon TCG made its debut in North America a year after Red & Blue released on the Game Boy in 1998. Just like the RPG, it became a worldwide phenomena as kids from around the world searched for the rarest holos.

In July, the card game was introduced to a new Raid Battle mode which allows up to four players to team up and take on a super powerful version of their favorite monsters. The Sword & Shield feature is available right now for free.

pokemon raid
Raid Battles were first introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Raid Battles comes to the Pokemon TCG

Pokemon entered its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield in November 2019. The latest title in the long-running Nintendo franchise introduced players to new mechanics such as Raids. Now the Gen VIII feature has been brought to the Trading Card Game.

On July 7, the official Pokemon YouTube channel uploaded an announcement trailer for Raid Battles coming to the TCG. The three-minute video gives players the rules for the new mode, as well as instructions on how to jump into the team battle with friends.

Just like Sword & Shield, Trainers will take on a giant version of a Pokemon with increased health and attack damage. Four players will use their trading cards in real life to chip away at the character’s health before winning the epic showdown.

While players are required to have at least two TCG cards in real life, The Pokemon Company is providing the rest for free. You can download and print both the battle layout mat as well as the Raid Boss cards here. There is also a digital version of the mode on the official website.

Raid Battles have proven to be one of Sword & Shield’s most popular features, making it a welcome addition to the TCG. Despite releasing in 1998, Pokemon cards have continued to explode in popularity. In July, a rare collectible sold for $90k at auction.

The Gen VIII title also got its first DLC, The Isle of Armor, in June, which expanded the game’s map and Pokedex. The Switch release will also gets its second addon, The Crown Tundra, sometime in the Fall.