Pokemon Legends Arceus story details potentially revealed in Japanese art

Pokemon Legends: Arceus artworkThe Pokemon Company / Game Freak

New Japanese promotional artwork for Pokemon Legends: Arceus has sparked speculation among fans. The viral image has fans theorizing that Game Freak has possibly teased a Legendary ‘mon.

It’s been over five months since Pokemon Legends was revealed in February 2021, and Game Freak has continued to be silent on the wildly anticipated project. Understandably, players have been desperate for any crumbs of information about the 2022 Nintendo Switch title.

Fans were whipped into a frenzy when Japanese promotional artwork was discovered to show more than the US version of the same image. Does the newly revealed promo actually tease an iconic Sinnoh location containing a popular Legendary ‘mon?

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus artworkGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans create new theories after Japanese promo artwork goes viral.

Pokemon fans worked up over Japanese Legends: Arceus artwork

While the promotional image was initially released in the US alongside its release date announcement in May 2021, fans discovered that the Japanese version is actually extended and shows more of the game’s artwork. Theories went wild when the promo was posted on the r/pokeleaks forum and users spotted a new building.

“Huh, interesting. So the FULL full art used on Legends Arceus’ box and Switch menu icon was shown in some Japanese promo material and it looks like there’s another building or temple off to the left,” user ‘Wisgarus’ posted on July 31. They then shared their theory that it could be an iconic location from Diamond & Pearl.

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“I wonder if it could be the Snowpoint Temple. If you think about it: if we are in Western Sinnoh in this shot (which is where the starting town appears to be judging by the trailer footage and how geography and stuff relates to Coronet in it), on the left there could be the Northern part of the Region, which is where Snowpoint Temple would be.”


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Another fan agreed and shared a mind-blowing theory about Legendary Regigigas. “I think that’s a good bet. We know Regigigas was sealed there, and we know we’re completing the first Sinnoh dex in this game, so I bet our character is the one who captures and seals Regigigas there in the first place!”

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Pokemon fans share theory about Legends: Arceus.

Not everyone was convinced. Speculation aside, several users pointed out that the community was getting desperate due to Game Freak’s lack of updates. “Pokemon fans really grasping into every little piece of info they can possibly get their hands on, I love it!” one person replied.

Pokemon fan Legends Arceus

The user has a point. Despite being announced back in February 2021, Game Freak has been incredibly tight-lipped about the upcoming project. Even the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes have not had a Direct and are releasing just three months away in November 2021.

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Based on the reaction fans had to a new Japanese promo showing just an inch of extra artwork, it’s safe to say the community is insanely excited for the Pokemon series to take its first step into the open-world adventure genre.