When is the next Pokemon Presents Nintendo Direct? Everything we know

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Pearl next to Pokemon Legends: ArceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

With Pokemon Unite releasing in July 2021, rumors are swirling of an upcoming Nintendo Direct. Could we get a special Pokemon Presents soon that features Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and Legends: Arceus?

Back in June, The Pokemon Company broke years of tradition when none of its games made an appearance during Nintendo’s E3 conference. With the Sinnoh remakes releasing this November and Legends coming out in January 2022, it’s left some fans wondering when they would get more info about the projects.

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A new rumor claims that we could be getting a special Pokemon Presents to kick off the launch of the wildly anticipated MOBA, Unite. Here is everything we know so far about when we might get a Nintendo Direct for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and Legends: Arceus.

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearlThe Pokemon Company / ILCA
Pokemon players can re-experience the Sinnoh region once again on November 19, 2021.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Direct

We will no doubt see the Sinnoh remakes at least one more time before its November 19 release date. With Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl missing E3 this year, they will more than likely get their own dedicated digital conference.

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While it’s impossible to know exactly when, the RPGs are set to hit stores in just four months, not leaving a lot of time. Interestingly, 2019’s Sword & Shield had its own Direct in June which is around the same time frame we find ourselves in with the Gen IV reimaginings.

A safe guess would be a special Direct towards the end of July. Either way, there is still a lot we don’t actually know about BDSP such as included features or even how big the Pokedex will be.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus artworkGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Legends; Arceus is releasing only two months after the Sinnoh remakes.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Direct

In a sign of confidence, The Pokemon Company announced in May that Legends: Arceus would be releasing on January 28, 2022. With a concrete store date, it’s safe to assume that the open-world title is in its final months of development and will be ready to hit its launch.

Because it won’t debut until next year, there isn’t exactly any rush for them to release any more info on it for the time being. Legends were announced alongside Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as the games are both linked by the Sinnoh region. But it wouldn’t be surprising if the Game Freak project also got its own conference.

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If we had to guess, we wouldn’t expect a Pokemon Legends Direct until October or November 2021. If they were going to show off any more teasers, E3 would have been the perfect time to do it and the title was not shown, making it more likely that it gets a full-blown conference of its own. There could be a scenario where we do see it soon, however, which we will break down below.

Rumor claims July Pokemon Presents will launch Pokemon Unite

On July 18th, a flurry of rumors kicked off speculation that a special Nintendo Direct would be imminent. According to a thread on r/PokeLeaks, a Pokemon Presents would happen on July 21st to celebrate the launch of Pokemon Unite.

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Reliable insider KeliosFR seemed to back up the claim with a post on Twitter. “Pokémon Présents with “Pokémon UNITE will be available just after this presentation,” a rough translation of his tweet read.

Echoing the French Pokemon outlet, a Spanish insider tweeted that the Pokemon Presents would also feature Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl information, as well as a special edition Nintendo Switch OLED. “Next week Pokemon Presents with BDSP news, Pokemon UNITE available after the presentation, Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Edition and Arceus Legends.”

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Pokemon Presents Unite rumor tweets

Of course, it should be pointed out to take all of this with a major grain of salt. Until we actually hear from The Pokemon Company themselves, it’s purely speculation. Still, with Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl releasing in November, we are absolutely overdue for a Nintendo Direct.

And since the Game Freak series missed E3 this year, it would make sense that they are doing a Pokemon Presents instead. With the Gen IV remakes and Pokemon Legends: Arceus both taking place in Sinnoh, a combined digital conference for them would also not be too far-fetched.

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