Pokemon players predict grave future for Legends Arceus after Switch OLED reveal


The Pokemon community is worried about Pokemon Legends Arceus after the Nintendo Switch OLED reveal didn’t live up to rumors of a more powerful console.

After months of rumors of a 4K Switch Pro, Nintendo surprised the industry when they abruptly announced an OLED model on July 6 instead. The new revision not only doesn’t have a higher resolution output, but it has no upgrades to its specs at all.

Many players were left disappointed as they had expected more substantial improvements. However, the news has sparked a different discussion in the Pokemon community as some fans have become concerned about Pokemon Legends Arceus which is set to release in January 2021.

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Screenshot of Pokemon Legends Arceus.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans are concerned about Legends: Arceus running on a Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon fans concerned for Legends Arceus after Switch OLED reveal

When Pokemon Legends Arceus was revealed back in February 2021, reactions to the trailer were mixed. While many were thrilled the popular series is finally going open-world, others found the early footage to look “janky” in its performance.

With rumors of a 4K Nintendo console on the horizon, players held out hope that Game Freak would be getting a boost in hardware performance to help out with the ambitious project. The Switch OLED ended up being announced instead.

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After the new revision was revealed to not have a spec upgrade on July 6, Pokemon fans took to social media to voice their reactions. “Behold the Nintendo Switch Pro that was rumored for months. Arceus is about to run worse than the Wild Area [in Sword & Shield] with online on LMAO,” one user predicted.

Pokemon fan reacts to Switch OLED

Others expressed their concerns about the upcoming Pokemon Legends Arceus RPG, such as one player who wrote, “I’m just worried about Pokemon Legends Arceus running well on a “standard” Switch. The first trailer was stuttering in a couple of spots. That’s what convinced me they were going to release a “Pro” model.”

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Another fan echoed a similar sentiment and tweeted, “I’m a little concerned. I would have liked to have a Switch Pro before something like Pokemon Legends: Arceus comes out to have the best experience with the game as possible.”

Pokemon fans concerned for Legends Arceus Switch OLED

Despite the worry, it should be pointed out that a lot can change in game development. Footage from Legends was shown off in February which means there was still a year left until it releases. Not to mention what was in the debut trailer could have been an earlier build of the game that is even further out.

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Interestingly, fans had a similar torn reaction to Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s announcement, only to be blown away when major changes to the graphics were revealed in July 2021. Only time will tell if Game Freak can wow fans with Arceus without the help of a Nintendo Switch Pro.