Pokemon Legends Arceus player cheats death using Braviary glitch

Zackerie Fairfax
Braviary in Pokemon Legends Arceus

A Pokemon Legends Arceus player has found a way to cheat death after falling from a great height by using Braviary to stick the landing.

Pokemon Legends Arceus was a departure from the tried and true formula Pokemon players had come to know and love. And since it allowed players to explore a pseudo-open world, it gave trainers the ability to summon Pokemon they could ride.

One of these Pokemon is Braviary, a massive bird that carries the trainer around as if it were a paraglider. However, players have to be careful when using Braviary as they could black out if they fall too far while flying.

Yet, one player has found a way to cheat death and use Braviary in a stylish way to stop any damage from being dealt.

Legends Arceus player uses Braviary glitch

Reddit user whoishafiz shared this trick to the r/PokemonLegendsArceus subreddit. In a post titled “Braviary-less drop (cheating death glitch)” they showed how the maneuver was performed.

While soaring at an incredible height, whoishafiz tucked their Braviary away and began a long dangerous descent. But right before they hit the ground, they redeployed Braviary – who only appeared on screen for a split second – before landing without a scrape.

Many players may opt for Braviary’s dive to reach the ground, but that’s not nearly as fast as this mechanic. And the dive also takes players down at an angle, whereas the drop glitch allows for pinpoint accuracy.

One user commented, “I had a black out once because for some reason my A button wasn’t registering so I couldn’t do the last minute Braviary save” proving that this isn’t as easy to pull off as whoishafiz makes it look.

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