“Awesome” Pokemon Go glitch helps complete GBL Timed Research in a single battle

Eleni Thomas
Pokemon Go Raid

This “awesome” Pokemon Go glitch is helping players complete the whole GBL Timed Research in a single battle.

When it comes to in-game bugs and glitches in Pokemon Go, the community of players is never one to shy away from letting developer Niantic know about the issues plaguing the game. From bugs to game-breaking glitches, the devs are always being notified of issues that need to be patched up.

However, the most recent bug to be discussed and highlighted throughout the PoGo community is actually benefitting players and as such, has been dubbed “wild” and “awesome.”

As part of the new Shared Skies Season, Pokemon Go has introduced a brand new Go Battle League (GBL) meta. This sees trainers putting forth their strongest Pokemon to battle it out and hopefully earn some victories and in turn, special rewards.

In a new Reddit thread, user Poison_Nectar revealed how what they initially thought was a frustrating in-game lag led to the game awarding them with some major rewards for completing timed research after only a single battle.

“I played what ended up being a very laggy game about halfway through and won, and suddenly I got a stream of 6 research completions for levels 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 of the GO Battle League Timed Research, and another showing that I’d completed the 30 Great League battles for the Level 44 Requirements.”

The original poster uploaded an image of the rewards they earned as proof of the glitch, with other trainers sharing their own experiences of this bug. While it has been in the game for some time now, its effects have taken on a whole new level of usefulness as part of the GBL meta.

“This is a known bug and I wish we knew how to reproduce it because man I want it to happen to me so bad haha,” wrote one Reddit user.

Another added, “Yup, my phone glitched out and suddenly it completed all the GBL steps, similar to what happened to you.”

While this glitch does seem like one Niantic will patch soon, its longstanding presence in the game does indicate it might be sticking around, at least for the meantime.