Strange Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch makes Pokemon get stuck up trees

Philip Trahan

Pokemon Legends Arceus players reported another strange glitch that caused wild Pokemon to get stuck up trees mid-battle.

Pokemon Legends Arceus brought plenty of fresh changes to the tried and true Pokemon series formula, including open-world gameplay and seamless battle transitions.

However, these changes were not without their hiccups, as players have encountered their fair share of bugs and glitches across the vast Hisui region.

Now, players are reporting another slightly annoying yet hilarious glitch that caused Pokemon to get stuck atop trees in the middle of battle.

Pokemon Legends Arceus treetop glitch

Reddit user ‘Innerbooty‘ reported the glitch on the Pokemon Legends Arceus subreddit with the title “Get outta the tree!”

They attached an image of a battle between their Rapidash and a Tangrowth. However, the opposing Tangrowth is perched high atop a tree outside the field of battle.

This isn’t the first time trees have caused glitches in Pokemon Legends Arceus, as players also reported a glitch that made players battle actual trees instead of Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Cherubi & Cherrim location.
Trees scattered across the Hisui region can be valuable places to find berries and Pokemon, but they can sometimes be glitchy in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Other trainers in the comments had fun with the silly imagery of Tangrowth perched atop a tree mid-battle, with Reddit user ‘zild0n‘ saying “It’s over, I have the high ground!”

Another user ‘Big-Spiff‘ replied that it was simply a “special request in New Pokemon Snap” and the Tangrowth was just confused about which Pokemon game it was currently in.

Still, it seems that the original poster’s glitch is not an isolated incident as others have reported experiencing similar glitches.

User ‘DestructiveFury’ claimed, “I had an outbreak of them once and it seems like they’re specifically programmed to climb the trees since I saw a few of them climbing up and down and just hanging out in them.”

Still, some trainers find the glitch funny rather than annoying as ‘Ban4Ligma’ said “Not gonna lie I love when they go in the trees. Please never fix that Nintendo.”

Though it remains unclear what exactly causes this glitch to occur, trainers traveling through Hisui should keep an eye out for Pokemon lurking in the branches nearby.