Pokemon Legends Arceus Direct could be happening “soon”

pokemon directGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

An old interview with the Pokemon Company International went viral after fans re-discovered that a senior employee dropped major hints about Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Could we be getting a Direct soon?

On July 24, The Pokemon Company sat down for an interview with VentureBeat. The conversation went under the radar for many as it was published during the launch of Unite on the Nintendo Switch.

In the discussion, Senior Director of Marketing, JC Smith, revealed new details about how Game Freak will be rolling out information on Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Fans believe that the employee has also hinted at a Direct soon.

Screenshot of Pokemon Legends Arceus.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Will we be getting a Legends: Arceus Direct soon?

Could we be getting a Pokemon Legends: Arceus Direct soon?

Although the interview happened in July, the discussion went viral weeks later after eagle-eyed fans spotted an interesting quote from the senior Pokemon Company employee. In the conversation with the outlet, the Marketing Director addressed Game Freak being silent since February 2021.

According to Smith, the Japanse studio is planning a big rollout of information for the 2022 title. “We have a robust rollout [for Pokemon Legends], but not a lot that I can share at this time,” the Marketing executive responded to the question.

However, the Senior Director then ended his response by teasing, “But the team has a lot of great things to share, and you’ll be hearing from us soon.” The “soon” part, of course, is what whipped the community into a frenzy.

VenturBeat GamesBeat Pokemon Company interview quoteVentureBeat / GamesBeat/ The Pokemon Company
The senior Pokemon Company employee teased Legends: Arceus in the July interview.

Pokemon content creators such as Verlisify reacted to the interview. In their upload, the fan exclaimed, “They got something planned. I don’t know if [JC Smith] put this in here as some kind of teaser. But as it stands right now, the longer it’s been without any kind of Legends: Arceus news, the more people have sat on the game like “Okay, have they finished anything? Is it still rough-looking?”

Only time will tell whether The Pokemon Company employee was teasing a Direct for Legends: Arceus, however, they did say “soon” – which most would interpret as being not too far off. Plus the game is releasing in just under half a year at the time of writing and we still know nothing about it.

With Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s launch just three months from now as well, the community is getting more and more anxious to hear anything. At the very least, it’s interesting to hear that the 2022 Sinnoh title will have a “robust” marketing campaign, which sounds exciting.