Pokemon Horizons’ first look at Liko’s father debunks popular fan theory

Brianna Reeves
pokemon horizons liko father

New images from the Pokemon Horizons anime offer a first look at Liko’s father, a reveal that debunks one popular fan theory.

The identity of Liko’s father has consituted but one of the new Pokemon anime‘s many mysteries. Fans had their theories, though, the most popular being that Ash Ketchum was dad to the Horizons protagonist.

One reason the theory picked up so much steam dates back to the first glimpse at Liko herself. Many Pokemon faithful noted that the shape of Liko’s hairclip matched the green logo adorned across Ash’s iconic cap.

While the fan theory has been challenged a time or two, new images from Pokemon Horizons have officially put it to rest.

On May 26, Pokemon-centric Twitter account Anipoke Fandom posted a few images from Pokemon Horizons, which confirm the identity of Liko’s dad. And Ash Ketchum is not the father.

Instead, Liko’s old man is a gentleman named Alex who owns a beautiful home in Paldea and wears round glasses. That’s one mystery that can officially be shelved.

Now that Pokemon Horizons has revealed the true identity of Liko’s father, one question continues to linger – when will Ash Ketchum return? That much remains to be seen for the time being.

Notably, Ash and Pikachu starred in their final episode this past March. The iconic duo concluded their incredibly long run in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, just months after Ash finally earned his title as a Pokemon Master.

Pokemon Horizons began airing in Japan not long after Ultimate Journeys came to an end. And it’s clear there’s still plenty more for fans of the franchise to discover.

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