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Pokemon Go’s first ever Incense Day has started – All details and times

Published: 19/Apr/2020 2:26

by Paul Cot


A brand new type of Pokemon Go event is coming – Incense Day!

For those of you who don’t know, Incense is an item in that lures Pokemon to your location. Usually an Incense last for 30 minutes but as part of the changes made to Pokemon Go because of the current health crisis, this has been increased to one hour.

The first of presumably more of these events starts on April 19 at 11am in your local time. It will last six hours, finishing at 5pm.

You can buy Incense now for 80 PokeCoins but that’s about to get a lot cheaper if you wait…

Type changes by the hour

This event will make Incense work a little differently, though. Instead of luring all Pokemon to your location, it will focus on a particular type depending on which hour of the event you’re in.

The types that will be featured this time around are water, fire, grass, psychic, bug and ground. The times they will feature are as follows:

  • 11am to 12pm – Water
  • 12pm to 1pm – Fire
  • 1pm to 2pm – Grass
  • 2pm to 3pm – Psychic
  • 3pm to 4pm – Bug
  • 4pm to 5pm – Ground

This means if you have an Incense active in any one of these hours it will focus on these types. Niantic hasn’t commented on whether an Incense will exclusively show these types but we imagine other types will also appear.

Shiny Sentret

We do know that Sentret will appear more frequently regardless and if you’re very lucky its shiny form may make an appearance, too.

Incense was recently available at a huge discount at 30 of them for just one PokeCoin! If you didn’t get this deal or have used them already though, you’ll be able to buy three of them for one PokeCoin once again. This may not be as good of a deal as last time but it is still incredible value.

While restrictions are still in place in a lot of countries across the world, remember to stay at home where possible. If you are out make sure you get a reasonable distance from others.


The Shiny forms of Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres are very familiar

Published: 21/Oct/2020 14:03 Updated: 21/Oct/2020 14:05

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra is just around the corner and lots of details have been revealed ahead of time. Among them are the Shiny forms of the much anticipated Galarian Kanto birds – Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

When it comes to Legendary Pokemon there are few more recognizable than Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. So, when they were nowhere to be found in the Galar region trainers were unsurprisingly upset.

Fast forward several months though, and lots of those missing Pokemon have since been added. For Legendaries, however, trainers have had to wait until now – The Crown Tundra DLC release.

The Kanto birds aren’t among those returning legends though – at least not their original forms. Instead, Galarian forms are coming which gives the iconic trio a new lease of life.

While we don’t know if the original forms will be added at a later date, we do know that for the time being they won’t be. It looks like this omission has been noted by the developers because the Shiny colors of Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are interesting, to say the least.

A nod to the Kanto region

The new Galarian forms may have different types and colors to the originals but each of their Shiny forms are immediately recognizable. That’s because each Shiny is the color of their original version.

So Galarian Articuno comes from purple to ice blue, Zapdos from orange to yellow, and Moltres from red and yellow to black and red. It’s a nice touch from the Pokemon Company which acknowledges their origins.

The information comes from Pokemon HOME which has accidentally released details ahead of time. One trainer summarized all of our excitement with a good old capitalized tweet: “THE SHINY VARIANTS ARE BASED ON THE KANTONIAN FORMS. THAT’S [AWESOME].” We couldn’t have said it any better, FranSunstar.

Now we just have to hope they aren’t shiny locked so trainers can do the unenviable task of repeated encounters!