Pokemon Go’s 8th Anniversary event slammed by players as “incredibly pathetic”

Em Stonham
Muk Pokemon with party hat and Pokemon Go background.

Out of all the communities within the wider Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Go players are known for being especially vocal if an event misses the mark.

While some Pokemon Go events are exciting and provide a great opportunity for players to pick up rare spawns, others can feel frustrating to deal with. This could be due to limited rewards, low spawn rates, or unappealing content in the eyes of the players.

A few of these complaints have popped up surrounding the upcoming 8th Anniversary celebration, with players tearing into the featured Pokemon and rewards in a recent fan discussion. A Pokemon Go player shared the official Niantic infographic to Reddit, which kickstarted a debate on the event itself.

While some players were excited to see Grimer, Muk, and Meltan spawning for this event, others felt irritated by the offerings – with one even dubbing it a “non event”, referring to the spawns and bonuses. Another agreed, “My god, this is incredibly pathetic”.

The party hats picked up some heat during this debate too, with one person lamenting, “I like it, but I’m tired of hats. I want Pokemon I can transfer to Home. Nothing makes me sadder than getting a shiny Pokemon with a hat these days”.

Another player chimed in, noting that they didn’t mind hat-wearing Pokemon but that they wanted “higher stakes hats”, like Mewtwo. The idea of Mewtwo in a visor is hilarious and doesn’t feel impossible for a future event.

The frustrations in this thread weren’t just directed at the party hat Pokemon, either. Starter Pokemon will be featured heavily in the 8th Anniversary event – much to some people’s dismay.

One annoyed player remarked, “Great another event with starters everywhere and the Paldean starters being common spawns”. Others mournfully pointed out their favorite Pokemon which hadn’t appeared in events yet, with Scorbunny being a popular pick.

Amidst all the annoyance, some players felt excited about this upcoming event. One reader commented, “Some good perks there for sure!”

Others were inclined to agree, with one person praising Niantic by saying, “Honestly this event looks a lot more fun than I was expecting” and another noting how exciting this event felt as a new player specifically.

The festivities for the 8th Anniversary of Pokemon Go kick off on June 28, so if you’re looking to get involved and grab some party hat Pokemon for yourself, make sure to check out our event guide. The event bonuses could be a helpful way to max out your collection and level-up process.